Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Since I'm Up

It's not 10 things and it's not Tuesday but it'll do.

1. We can make a pill that gives you a 4 hour woody, we can continue to find work for Peter Deluise, we can, even though it's a cliche, put a man on the moon but we can't make an antibiotic capsule that doesn't smell like powdered ass?

2. I'm bored. I'm bored of keeping my head tilted and elevated and iced. I'm going to keep doing it (after I finish cheating like I am right now) and I'm probably going to fall asleep in short stints but I'm bored of it. Just, you know, in case you were wondering.

3. I'm planning a hat buying spree. Totally kicking myself for not buying that hat in H&M in September. (Remember it Zelda?) The scar must be protected from sun and stuff and a brim would do the rest of my face good, too. Plus? Hip! I've been waiting for this opportunity since the 80's.


  1. What was the hat like?

    I've got one of these from Land's End that I love, but that leaves me with a hat line around my forehead. I'm not sure that's such a good idea for you at the moment, but it's comfy and soft and, you know, cute. I'm not so sure about "hip," though - I don't think I know what that is...

  2. Hey, how are you doing?? I haven't been around much, retail work sucks. Hope you are alright. Been sending good energy your way.

  3. Diane Keaton. She has the best hats! Use her for a muse.

  4. Peter Deluise....heh! I have lots of hats you can borrow. Hope the swelling is a little better today. Watch lots of bad TV while you're recuperating (maybe you'll find something with that acting powerhouse Peter Deluise).

  5. Um... um... why do you know what powdered ass smells like?


  6. Anonymous11:09 AM

    ooooh, hats. i see very good things in your future.

  7. Chili, that's a pretty hat, I bet it looks super on you. I think I'm more in the market for dressy hats and things I can get away with indoors or in all weathers. I'm going to need to keep ALL sun off this scar for about 18 months and during the early phases of healing I'm going to want to keep it covered for the sake of everyone around me.

    Kath, I saw Peter Deluise AGAIN today. He's freaking everywhere! I do like him, though.

    Rich, you and I are very popular with the 10 year old male set. Ass humor makes us stars to them! I know what ass smells like and powder is a quality, you can just...tell, you know?

    Mim, I'm so going to indulge myself in good hats. Everyone's going to think I'm on chemo or r0gaine.