Thursday, November 22, 2007

What About You?

My Thanksgiving traditions have evolved over the past 20 years in New York. I used to go home for the holiday. Then I dated a guy (the one in Somerville now) who started to work on the Macy's parade so I liked to stay in New York and have an evening dinner with him. As the years went on a number of our friends stayed in town with us and celebrated (I'll have to dig out some photos of the infamous turkey tragedy year and scan them for you.). Then I went to England and those friends took over that dinner in New York. I came back and did a couple of years with them. It was awkward but mostly fun. Pony Express and I cooked a 29lb. turkey one year, it came out beautifully. Then I moved to MI for a year and started an ever-changing tradition with people from that walk of life. The requirements for those years were that if your Thanksgiving didn't involve potted meat for breakfast and tequila with lunch and dinner then you weren't really celebrating. Distance and finances put an end to those years, not to mention my liver's begging for mercy. I bounced around for a year or two with friends here and finally decided to take part in my own destiny. I wanted to volunteer, I wanted to deliver meals. So I've done that for a number of years. This will make the third year that I will deliver those meals with a good friend, then go out to lunch with her and head home to prep for my Friday post-Thanksgiving open house. I like the easy spirit of spending the day without pressure and doing a little something to help out. I also crave the company of my friends the day after as we kick off the hectic holiday season.

What do you do for Thanksgiving? Does it make you happy?


  1. Is it rude to link yourself on someone else's blog?

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition USED to be my FIL's indian corn thing, but he hasn't done it since this incident:

    I wonder, every year, if he'll take it back up again and, as we head to Salem to celebrate this meal with Mr. Chili's family (notice I'm avoiding the 'does it make you happy' question), I'll be wondering if Dad brought the corn.

    OH! I know something we do that makes us happy! We tune into a local radio station and listen to the whole of Alice's Restaurant. We stumbled on it one year in the car on our way to dinner and have scheduled our trip every year since to coincide with the broadcast. Now the girls are into it, too, and it makes the hour in the car a lot more enjoyable.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kizz. I'm very, VERY thankful for you!



  2. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I usually host fiends, sometimes Canadian family, often dear neighbors for a feast that has evolved from the various major influences in my life; I make a sweet potato and pineapple tsimmis - a sweet concoction normally reserves (why? Who says?) for the Jewish New Year; I also make my mother's rice, raisin and onion stuffing (so good). Finally, we now try to use as much of our actual harvest in our meal, so this year, I'm using yams from the garden, ditto butternut squash, potatoes for under the turkey, and home-grown pumpkins for the pie,

    May you have a lovely Thanksgiving, Kizz!
    All the best to you!

  3. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Our most important tradition is the parade. We're watching it right now and the awesomeness continues unabated.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Chili, did you get the corn thing?

    I missed Alice's Restaurant this year and I'm sad about that. It's a super tradition.