Friday, November 02, 2007

What Did You Do Today?

ChemE is in town. There are a number of places she likes to go, if some of them are missed the trip can be a bust. We wanted to do as many of them as possible today since tomorrow it'll be the weekend and there will be even more people out and about and getting in our way. We ended up covering almost all our ground today and may just lay around the house tomorrow until it's time for a fancy dinner and Young Frankenstein on Broadway.

So, today we went to:

Le Pain Quotidien - breakfast
Pearl River - asian gifties
Kate's Paperie - stationery
Payprus - stationery
Sur la Table - kitcheny items
Lush - high end bath stuff
Sephora - makeup
Apple Store - used the bathroom
L'Occitane - high end pretty stinky things to make you clean and soft
Dean & Deluca - gourmet goodies
Pottery Barn - are you living under a rock, you don't know what's in Pottery Barn?
Crate & Barrel - ditto
Container Store - containers
Restoration Hardware - retro gifties
Anthropologie - clothing and household goodies
Partners in Crime - mystery books
Cowgirl Hall of Fame - lunch
Olivier & Co. - olive oil products for eating and for slathering on your body
Li-lac - chocolate
Penzey's - spices
Veniero's - Italian pastry
Who's Your Doggy - pet food and treats and accessories (I bought ChemE's new pup an awesome ball toy)
Black Iris - take out dinner

Now we're resting our tired dogs, also our feet, and watching the movie of Young Frankenstein together for the first time since we were teenagers.

Yay for weekends!


  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Wow! you did a lot of things today.

    Got here from the NaBloPoMo Blogroll.

  2. OhMuhGah.
    I know those days. You garnered about forty gozilion activity points sister!! I'm keeping this list for my next trip! ChemE, have the BEST WEEKEND EVER!! it's already stupendous on account of you're with Kizzalicious. It'a a Kizzapolooza weekend! bwa ha ha ha.

    (am drinking wine. ps.)

  3. Zelda, you're drinking wine? NEVER would have guessed. :) Glad you got yourself some low key wind down for your fake Friday.

    Welcome, Cedar! Thanks for chiming in.

  4. If I had done one of those things... been one of those places I would have been happy.
    Living through you today Kizz.
    You had the best day!

  5. You went to the gay chocolate store?! I'm jealous! I LOVE the gay chocolate store.

    Do tell me how the show was - Young Frankenstein is one of my all-time FAVORITE movies, and I think it'd be a hoot to see it on stage. Again, with the jealousy...

  6. I did not know that you called it the gay chocolate store. How hilarious is that? I love it! We went to the decidedly more yuppie outpost of it in Grand Central but we did go. I had 2 dark choc covered pretzels last night. I'll fill you in on the play tonight or tomorrow.