Saturday, November 24, 2007

You can't tell from these pictures but this dog is (relatively) clean. I bought a sprayer to slip over my tub nozzle but it didn't fit properly so I was rinsing her with a pitcher. This is highly inefficient, especially when the dog in question is a. so thick coated and b. hates baths. She tried to get out twice but couldn't quite make the break for it. She wasn't so traumatized that she didn't go running for the treat jar the minute I opened the bathroom door, though. Neurotic, yes. Stupid, not so much.


  1. That looks like a true Brooklyn dog to me!

  2. Have you tried spreading peanut butter on the wall of the shower? That's how I keep the greyhound in the tub.

  3. Peanut butter, that is genius! Bathing the dogs is not super fun.
    They are Shetland Sheep dogs for heavens sake.
    Meduim size fur hounds.
    I have no trick.
    I talk to them like a child about being clean.
    They still hate it.
    Can't even imagine having to bathe a Greyhound!

  4. Anonymous1:13 PM

    She's a beautiful girl.

    My dogs are all really well behaved when they get their baths, toe nail trims and haircuts, which is good since I do it for a living and it would be really embarrassing if my own dogs acted like nitwits.

    Besides, they take other opportunities to act like nitwits. No shoe is safe. Except my Crocs, for some reason.

  5. Rich, I don't know where she was born but she was found in Brooklyn on a rough street and left all by herself so she's about as Brooklyn as they get.

    JRH, she actually doesn't like peanut butter. The way it sticks her mouth together freaks her out, she won't touch the stuff.

    Contrary, Crocs must taste awful. Dogs aren't stupid!

  6. We will wash Emily anytime! She did fine at our place when we gave her a bath.