Tuesday, December 04, 2007

10 Things About the Writers Guild of America (WGA) Strike

1. I wish I'd written about it sooner.

2. I'm getting most of my information from Strike Captain/Samantha Who Story Editor/Blogger Icon, Pamie.

3. The writers have struck when contract negotiations regarding compensation for internet downloads and DVD sales residuals.

4. Contract negotiations with actors and directors for these same issues will commence as their guilds' contracts run out at the end of this (entirely fucked up) viewing season.

5. Producing organizations are likely going to be tougher on the writers because any agreement for them will be precedent-setting for the other groups.

6. Some believe that producing organizations will willingly prolong this strike in anticipation of similar action during the actors and directors guild negotiations.

7. We should be doing all we can not to watch TV on the internet either at network sites or on sites like iTunes, buy new DVDs & go to first run movies until this dispute is fairly settled. I wish I'd said just this much before we were so far into the holiday shopping season.

8. The networks will be increasing the number of game and reality shows they put on as their written shows run out. We shouldn't be watching those either. That's no hardship for me (except for American Gladiators the Next Generation, which I'm so looking forward to) but I understand how it may be for you. Personally I feel that even watching reality shows that were on before the strike should be curtailed but that may just be my hatred of the reality genre coming out.

9. The final episodes of our beloved shows that we're seeing now may be early drafts written by striking writers. Normally the episodes would be re-written right up until they were shot but the writers had to put their pencils down and leave their work behind regardless of its level of completion.

10. I will write more about this. Any questions?


  1. Thank you for that!
    After having been in contract negotiations all last year, I find the Bigger Picture Strategy interesting and evil. And perhaps, backfirable. Sure, you can wait and stalemate the writers and the actors at the same time, but do you really want that many smart, talented people pissed off at you at once?! And, from personal experience, just because one group settles for your lousy deal doesn't mean following groups will cave.

  2. Okay, I see.
    I am sorry for them. I really am.
    I hope this ends soon.
    I do miss late night television.

  3. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Gerry Rosser here, twoblueday.wordpress.com.
    My post will say "anonymous" because I refuse to utilize the blogger account they will not allow me to delete.

    Re: the writers'strike. If more "reality" shows come on that will be good for me in that it will get me to watch TV less because: I do not watch reality shows. None of them. Not one.

  4. Thank you Gerry, reality shows are icky.

    There's so much more to be written about this, too. I'm working on it. Tons of links and information.

    I hope this ends, too, but I'm not optimistic and it's making me sad.