Saturday, December 01, 2007


In case you hadn't noticed I'm feeling pretty complainy today. This time of year is also not my favorite. I had grand plans to really take the holiday bull by the bedazzled horns and find myself some events to go to, hang with friends, sing pretty songs, make gifts and all that. With my head all fucked up, though, I'm going to have to take it easy and I don't really know that I'm going to be able to do all that I planned and I'm sure I'll be more prone to my bad advent attitude.

So, here's the plan, I can complain all I want and freak out all I want but I have to post one thing a day that's got some element of good, Christmas, gratitude or the like. That's doable from the nest of my couch, right?

1. I love advent calendars. I don't have one right now but when I was a kid my mom had (probably still has) a whole bag full of them and we'd get them out when it was time to decorate for Christmas and post them all over the house. When I was very little it was a huge deal to pop open the little windows and see what was behind them. I think that's where I developed my pathology about waiting until a day is ENTIRELY over before I'll cross it off on the calendar.

I'm going to heave myself off the couch and flip all my calendars to December before I go to sleep.


  1. The girls were given a really cute advent calendar a few years back. It's a Santa carrying a tree and behind all the little doors are ornaments that the girls hang on the tree. I make sure the star ends up in the 24th's drawer.

    I'll post a picture of it, because I'm not sure my description did it justice - it really is adorable, and I love that it's entirely secular.

  2. I love them too! Probably because I never had one and always envied my friends' 25 days of chocolate. I have been too cheap to buy some of the really nice, cute wooden ones that are on the market now, but I did buy a garland of 25 numbered bags. I hope husband enjoys the spoils this year because he won't get them for much longer.

  3. I never had an advent calendar...not something Baptists really tend to understand. However, one year my mom surprised my sister and I on December 1st with our stockings hung and stuffed and little numbered ribbons spilling out the top. Each day we pulled out the appropriate numbered ribbon to find a Hershey's kiss attached to the end. On the 24th, instead of a kiss, we got a little Christmasy hand lotion (I think I remember Avon).

  4. Secular is awesome! Also countdowns are awesome, I'm a sucker for any sort of countdown.

    JRH, I've heard about your kid and his appetite, are you sure dad's going to be able to keep this thing a secret for even one year? I know you're limiting sugar intake but the kid knows his food groups!

    See, Chrome, that's exactly the sort of thing I'd like to do. It is, of course, better to do it for other people, though. Next year hopefully I'll get it together before advent and surprise at least one person with an advent-adjacent surprisy gift.