Sunday, December 09, 2007


The second picture is another one of the stitches, just in case you need a warning.

This is what my head looks like now. I had a hard time getting a picture that shows you the oozy blood underneath and the sort of dimensions of the injury at this point. It doesn't seem to be oozing any more. Fact is, that it's sort of my own fault it was oozing so long. I hadn't made the leap that the steri-strips would be porous so that showering and washing my face and all would cleanse out the extraneous goop quicker. So at this point nothing is dripping out the bottom and into my eyes. You can see what's spread and sort of crusted at the top. I feel a little better but I had to take a v1c0d1n to be able to shower, I was too scared.

For the contrast, here's what they looked like the night before the stitches came out. The nurse had to really search to get out that last one in my hair.

My doctor wasn't around but the other asshole, I mean doctor, said it looked good. I asked about those very light sections on the upper right there that sort of bulge out. I said, "What about the bumpy parts up at the top?" and he replied in his very most condescending tone, even lowering his eye glasses for the full patronizing effect and said, "Yes, they always do." Dude, I chose not to go to medical school, therefore I have chosen to hire people like you to pass along pertinent information when, for instance, I have a 3 inch long gash in my forehead. I'm not supposed to know what the fuck is normal, you're supposed to tell me because you chose to go to medical school and learn all that (very important) crap.

He also had a full 15 minute argument with another nurse right outside my exam room door about how she shouldn't call him on nights or weekends because he didn't care what happened to patients on nights or weekends unless it was a medical emergency. She kept explaining her reasoning, at one point saying, "I felt bad" about the elderly woman with the rash who had come in that morning and he said, "Well that's too bad." The conversation didn't surprise me but the fact that he was stupid enough to have it in easy earshot of a paying customer was intriguing.


  1. Hahn vs Izzy, right there.

    You look good, Girlfriend. A little battlescarred, but good. If I were in the habit of thinking girls were hot, you'd be on my list.

  2. Absolutly! I agree with jrh! Glad the stitches came out, glad you posted pics, lovelovelove the haircut.

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