Saturday, December 29, 2007

Good Morning to Me!

I had to get up early (for me) this morning for my grocery delivery. I'd explain but it's just not that interesting. When the stuff arrived it was still too early to take my dog to the park so I went back to bed.

I just woke up.

While I was up and waiting, though, I had another reason to love my sitemeter in a way that's illegal in 14 states and the District of Columbia. I checked out the stats for yesterday and found at the very top of my list of "referrals" that someone had come over from a blog I'd never heard of before. Do you know why? Because it didn't exist before today. Though I consider myself to have risen early Auntie Chili had gotten up and created a blog before I rolled my lazy ass out of bed...the first time. She'd even been kind enough to link to me in her first post. I like being part of history.

It's called Who Does She Think She Is Anyway and I urge you to swing by and give her a warm welcome to the blogosphere. Don't be scared by all the rules she has about blogging, she's a marshmallow on the inside.


  1. I'm so VERY pleased that she's started her own blog. I'm really looking forward to having her take on things on a more regular basis!

  2. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Great Kizz! Thank's for blowing up my spot! A "marshmallow" huh? And I am usually up around 4ish.. It's my job to wake up the sun! Most of my posts will probably be in the am.