Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm a Dr. Demento Song

People are watching me. Yes, sounds arrogant but these days it's true. I was in a local morning joint over the Christmas trip on a Saturday. It was just about the time that all the dads bring the kids in for breakfast so mom can get a break...and vacuum or finish Christmas shopping or something else relaxing for her. Men kept looking at me as though they were going to talk to me. I was very flattered, feeling pretty high on life, until I realized that they were turning away juuuuuust at that point where the social contract requires you to say something.

They didn't want to say something charming to me at all. They were just looking at my head.

Now that I've pinpointed the issue I see it for what it is. And it's happening all the time. Especially now that I've taken to leaving the house with the thing uncovered.

Tonight I was at a Rangers game (note to self: always check the start time of the game before you leave the house) and I happened to be seated next to a young lady of about 6 years of age*. Oh my god did she want to just stare at my head for half the game. However, broaching that sort of subject with a 6 year old is a bad call. Whoo boy, it was like our eyeballs had magnets on them and they were set to opposite poles, wowee did she not want to talk about it. All I said was, "Yeah it looks weird doesn't it?" At which point I realized I'd turned into my mother and left the poor kid alone. Let her stare! I was just really interested in what she thought happened. Oh well, surely someone will tell me what they think at some point, and I'll probably hate that.

*I was very impressed by her dad's approach to bringing her to a game. It was clear that they were Rangers fans and she knew what that meant but he didn't bring any of the rivalry and overly emotional stuff into it. No yelling at players and clear, objective explanations about the game, even when a Rangers goal was disallowed. He also bought her a hot dog, cotton candy and a drink. She ate every bite of all of it and his only comment was, "Don't eat too much. I don't want you to get sick." She said she wouldn't and he left her alone and as of the end of OT she hadn't hurled. So, yay for intelligent, simple, laid back dad, we wish there were more like you!


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  2. That's a drag, Honey, and I'm sorry. Though I think it IS good that you're leaving the boo-boo uncovered; it'll heal better that way.

    Keep it good and potioned up, too, and we'll send lots of smooth healing energy your way.

    I love you!