Friday, December 28, 2007

Not Forgotten

A while ago Gert suggested the DQ for a Hot People post. Back in the Big Easy days I would have long ago dedicated at least one post to him. Sadly we had no internet back then, at least not like this. He's aged quite well, though, so these are for Gert. You should also go here for a lovely picture of him. It's a photographer's web site so I didn't want to borrow it.
This last one is for people who aren't into the boys or the Quaid. Remember when he was married to this lovely lady? Remember when she had an upper lip and could make a variety of facial expressions? Ah, we miss that version of Meg Ryan.
Who do y'all want to see next?


  1. DQ HAS aged well. I was sad when he and Meg broke up...

  2. Indeed sad that she left him. But what man did she leave him for?
    Russell Crowe.
    Its a paradox really for me.
    I love Dennis. I love Russell.
    I love Meg.
    I don't know what black hole she has fallen into. I know she adopted a child so may be she is just doing the Demi thing.
    I await her comeback.
    I am glad Dennis is doing so well with his children and new wife. Bless them, what a scare.
    Thank you for the images.

  3. What scare? I don't keep up on all the Quaid gossip.