Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On the Bandwagon, Literally

I don't usually participate in the music list things since I don't know enough music that everyone else seems to know so I'm usually lost. Yet, I was compelled to do something musical for 10 Things Tuesday this week. Blame the rum balls, you have to roll them with your fingers and it would be wasteful not to lick your fingers and yes, that is a little drool on my keyboard, why do you ask?

The other day I revamped my commuting playlist to add some new songs and to mix in some holiday fare. As I was cooking last night I put that playlist on shuffle and here are the first 10 selections:

1. The Good Life - Bobby Darin
I really love Bobby Darin's style. He makes me feel like he's singing just to me.

2. A Soalin' - D. Jay Bradley
This is an honest to goodness olde englishe holiday tune.

3. My Phone's on Vibrate for You - Rufus Wainwright
I got yer holiday spirit right here in my pocket.

4. Your Body is a Wonderland - John Mayer

5. Bring Me to Life - Evanescence

6. Back to You - John Mayer

7. You'd Never Recognize the Room - Liz Callaway
It's a sad break up tune, so at least it's reminiscent of my Christmases past.

8. Chiquitita - ABBA
Yes, I like ABBA. I am not ashamed.

9. Mia - Carolann Solebello
OK so this is really not so much in the holiday spirit. It's a power ballad about child abuse sung in the first person. Her voice will move your soul, though, so it's often in my everyday mix.

10. So Are You to Me - Red Molly
A capella, it's everywhere and it's awesome.

Then I decided that I'd keep it playing while I finished up some things around the kitchen and list the next 10 Holiday songs that came up on the shuffle. My kitchen simply isn't big enough. Or my ratio of holiday to non-holiday songs was out of proportion. I had to use the skip button to find the next 10 Holiday songs or I'd have been there all night but regardless of method here they are:

1. Adeste Fidelis (O Come All Ye Faithful) - The Roches
Again with the a capella. I really love the classics these ladies do.

2. Silent Night - John Denver & the Muppets
One of the definitive versions of the carol made only more poignant with Denver's passing. "Merry Christmas Jonathan." says Miss Piggy at the end. Merry Christmas Jonathan, indeed.

3. Emmanuel Meets De Bobba - D. Jay Bradley
It's a sort of funky re-creation of O Come, O Come Emmanuel. It's slinky Christmas music.

4. We Need a Little Christmas - Sam's 75th Anniversary Christmas CD
Sam's is (was?) a restaurant with a small music stage in the theatre district in Manhattan. Carolann's first band used to play there occasionally and I picked up their Christmas CD, which was a charity effort. The technique is mostly...er, questionable, but there are some nice musical theatre arrangements and I enjoy it so I play it a lot. Except the You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch track which just grates on me.

5. Hallelujah Chorus - Handel

6. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - James Taylor
Did you know he has a Christmas CD out right now? I just saw it the other day. So wish I'd known that before people asked me what I wanted for Christmas. (Whoops, in looking it up for the link I discovered that it was released in October...of 2006 so I've missed asking for it twice.)

7. The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen - D. Jay Bradley
You have to hear it for yourself. Simple, elegant, hilarious.

8. I'll Be Home For Christmas/A Place Called Home - Sam's 75th...

9. All I Want For Christmas - Olivia Olson
Blame this one on ProfDoc. Without her Love, Actually obsession I might have missed it all together. It's peppy and good for me, it makes me want to dance.

10. What Are You Doin' New Year's Eve - Sam's 75th...

Jingle your bells, people, this time next week it'll be Christmas!


  1. Re: James Taylor - I have that CD, with different cover art, and I think I got it through Hallmark. I LOVE it.

    Will you make me a CD of your favorite Christmas tunes, please?

  2. Anonymous8:15 AM

    I had only heard Eastmountainsouth's version of "So Are You To Me," so I went to iTunes to find the Red Molly version. What a nice take on the song! That's one of those songs which is so beautiful that if you can halfway sing on key you can't ruin it! I don't say that to denigrate the Red Molly version at all. Some songs are just, well, perfect.