Monday, December 17, 2007

A Thoroughly Average Blog Post About What I Did Tonight

It's been a bit of a whiplash evening. Too bad I didn't have one of those web cams like Rich so you could have watched me. I set out to make a wedding cake*, some rum balls and maybe some cookies. First I didn't have the milk to make the cake so I decided to make bread then I had to crush the nuts (heh) for the rum balls, then I almost ran out of flour for the bread, then the rum balls were too liquidy to make into ball form and now the bread is soooooo slooooooow to rise I have no idea if it's going grow up to a good size or not. I added some dry ingredients to the rum balls and had the bright idea to chill them for a bit before I balled them up, which worked pretty well. I even had the foresight to buy wax paper to go between the layers so they don't end up as just one enormous ball when they thaw. I feel so smaht, as they say where I come from. I also made the last 3 donations to bring my Christmas presents into the purchased column. Amazon has tried to give me a heart attack by telling me they might not be shipping some of my stuff in time to get here before I leave. Then I got most of the merch at work today so it looks like even if I don't get the rest of it before I leave I'll have the lion's share and be able to make it work. Everyone cross your fingers that Shutterfly and the USPS work in concert to bring me the rest of my stuff ASAP. This shipping, that I thought I had done in plenty of time, has literally been keeping me awake nights. Yay for rabid consumerism! I'm going to write a few Christmas/New Year's cards before I hit the hay. I'm sleepy but the bread needs to bake and I dread going back out into that cold to walk the puppely dog.

What did you do tonight?

*A friend and neighbor got married last month right after I had my surgery. I wanted to give her a little something for the holidays and had the bright idea that I could make one of ChemE's signature cakes, which is simple and delicious, and call it a wedding cake and bring it over to her tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe I'll give her bread. I'm getting to the point in the holiday where if things don't come together as planned they are easily expendable.

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  1. I made stuffed shells.

    I worked the annual Lesbian Christmas Party on Saturday night, and almost as soon as I walk in the door, Lisa hands me a three pound container of Ricotta cheese. "Your sister wants stuffed shells on Monday," she says, "you can have this."

    REALLY!?! My sister's coming for dinner on Monday? Well! I'm glad you told me!

    Anyway, my sister DID come for dinner and we had a lovely time - and a yummy dinner. That's what I did last night.