Thursday, December 06, 2007

What (Not) to Wear?

So, this is the real estate we're trying to cover. I'll show you the actual injury in the next photo (there's your warning if you want to skip it!) but this is what fits over it. It's too long for a regular pre-assembled band aid, even those huge ones. I suppose I could have bought clear tape but trust me, that doesn't make much difference.

Here it is. It'll look a little less awkward in a couple of hours when the stitches are out but I suspect only a little less.

Mostly around the neighborhood and all I wear this hat which was lovingly knit (and re-knit three times for sizing) for me by Queen Bee. It's nice but it's not quite dressy enough, especially since my cats sometimes steal it to sleep on because it's yummy and soft and warm.

This is what I've been wearing to work for the last 3 days. I could have switched it up and worn ball caps from different teams and establishments but this one is perfectly molded to the size of my head and the brim is perfectly rounded and makes me feel like a cool kid. As much as one can feel like a cool kid in an office where most people's jeans cost more than one's entire wardrobe and one is wearing a ball cap.

I did a quick look in the winter wear drawer and pulled out all my options no matter how distasteful. I mean, for out and about and keeping my ears warm it's fine but I can't wear this to work and social occasions. Well, yes, I can. I can wear anything but I really don't want to.

I bought this seventeen thousand Thanksgivings ago in Ohio with Zelda. I forgot I had it around and you know it still looks OK. It's a little dirty, I wonder if I can wash it in the machine or if I need to try to get it dry cleaned or something. Could I wear this to a company holiday party? What if I found some sort of jewelly sort of pin to put on it?

This is (sort of) the hat I wanted from H&M. I bought it yesterday for six bucks. It's not advertising anything so it's better than a ball cap. It's a little hip but not perfect. What about this for the company party with casually dress pants and a pretty sweater? This will, for sure, become my go to hat for work and the like from now on.

Audio Girl shaved her head a few years back. That experience yielded a stash of head wear. She brought me this one yesterday. Somehow the glasses make it a little less than perfect.

And here, without the glasses, still not my best moment. If I pull it back far enough to see it exposes the bandage which isn't so cool. Also, those beads are really cold!
I have a stash of non-winter-specific hats that I haven't looked at yet. Depending on what I find there we may have second installment. Suggestions are welcome.


  1. Not only do I LOVE the hats, but I love the expressions you have while modeling them. You are a lot of fun.

    I think you should go with the beads. Definitely with the beads.

  2. Cracking up over here. The Cleopatra beaded skullcap is the one to wear. You'll be given plenty of room on the subway because people will think you're insane.

  3. I love them all.
    And your in NYC the fashion capital of the USA... you can wear anything.
    I like the little fedora. Its just smashing.

  4. OUCH. That makes my suspicious mole removal seem really insignificant even though I did almost throw up/pass out one day when I looked at it too closely with the stitches in).

    I'd like to suggest you add a do-rag to the mix.

  5. Oooo, do-rag. Definitely do-rag.

    Of course, I am a fan of the Canes hat, but I like your new one too. Completely office party appropriate.

    Have you thought adding a jester hat to the mix? So you can really be there, with bells on.

  6. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Those expressions are awesome.

  7. Anonymous11:45 AM

    oh, kizz! I am so sorry to hear you're suffering from too much sun exposure as well! I need to read more. my surgery has some issues. I might email you to explain.


  8. Mihow, I'd love any insight. I'm having another relatively shitty day. the e-mail address is isabeau6 at hotmail dot com Thanks!