Friday, December 28, 2007

What Was I Saying?

I'm headed out to meet my friends for a drink after their show but before I go I wanted to turn you on to a post from Chicago. Erin is writing about an important issue, you should read the whole post, but that's not actually what pushed me to link to her. Go see the video she links to at the bottom. It's bizarre but also sort of nice and something I wish was being used in place of all the "this is your brain on drugs" kinds of admonitions.

Yeah, I know what I've said before about videos. I guess, like texting, once you get me started I can't stop.


  1. I like her. Such commmon sense, good writing.
    She does not have a place for comments?
    A woman cannot even get an abortion in my city any longer Kizz.

  2. You have to e-mail her, she doesn't take comments. I'm not sure why.