Sunday, December 09, 2007

Why I Get Up in the Morning

No month of advent and gratitude whether religious or secular, regardless of how heavily weighted toward the four legged, would be complete without the girl. I don't know if she's man's best friend but she is absolutely mine. No one loves me more or better, it's simply not possible. She is forgiving and affectionate and, as the song says, a blessing in a really bad disguise.

A little over 12 years ago Pony Express picked this dog up off the street and gave us both a gift. PE has done a lot of wonderful things for me over the years. Finding and saving this dog is by far the most unexpected, long acting and far reaching one.

I knew I'd love having a dog and I suspected I would get almost painfully attached to her. Pony Express and I joke that Em has promised us she'll live forever. Clearly one of those things one uses to cover up a fear. I know she's only, er, human...ish so living forever isn't an option, nor a good idea, but the thought of a life without her is unbearable.

She's a gem and she makes this time of year good because she enjoys everything.


  1. Awww! I love Emmie, too, and I'm happy you two found each other.

    She may not LIVE forever, but she'll never leave you, regardless...

  2. So, I haven't read The Golden Compass, and I don't plan to see the movie, but from what I have seen/heard/read from the reviews/previews, it employs the idea that everyone has an animal spirit that accompanies him or her through life. LOVE THAT. Love it. I know I have mine, and I am happy you have yours.

  3. aw, I love your dog. She looks like my type of critter.

    It's tough to have animals, to know their time is limited (but so is ours), and take care of them when they can't communicate.

    All I can say is to enjoy every spare second. She looks like a dear, dear dog.

  4. Good advice to enjoy every minute you have with her. She's the dog of a lifetime. I know we will enjoy her as always when we have her at Xmas (though she'll be at our door, pining for you).

  5. My Mother would not let me bring the lads to her house which is th only one in Oklahoma that has power.

    I am sadder than sad.
    Its 60 degrees at my house so they are just fine but they are in the dark.
    I miss them.
    I know exactly what you mean...
    I love my dogs.

  6. Thanks again Kath!

    Oh Gert, that's so mean! I can't believe your mom made you leave them behind. Stay safe and warm down there!