Friday, January 25, 2008

All Wet

My cat drools.

It's Anna and it's a newish thing. She's always been a kneader. She likes to lick your hair and to knead your bare flesh. She'll take covered flesh if that's all she can get but if she can find the bare stuff she'll go for that, even if she has to resort to kneading your eyelids. So I try to keep her nails trimmed and I sometimes hide entirely under my covers in bed so she can't get to my face and hair.

Recently, though, there's been drooling with the kneading. I can't point to anything new in our lives that started it. I'd already changed her food, she's not on any medication, that's just her brother, and yet the faucet is on full. While I wrote the first paragraph she was sitting on my forearms and now my sleeve is all clammy and damp.

Anybody else out there have drooling cats? So bizarre.


  1. Does anybody out there NOT have drooling cats?

    Not ALL of my kids drools, but Taters does - particularly when she's feeling all safe and happy (as I suspect Anna does when she's kneading). I chalk it up to her approaching old age (she's 16 this year)...

  2. well I dont know about age or food or meds but LittleBlackSambo is the droolingest kitty I've ever met. Never met another that did drool so nice to know he's in good company. He does at night when we're going to bed or in the morning. Both include loud purring, half closed lids, some kneading. All good stuff. . . but for the soaking that I get or the pillow cases get! so far, out of all the livestock, he's the only one. huh.

  3. Baby Kitty drools like a madman. He also has that love hate bite thing. "Overstimulated" the vet calls it. He is also a Tabby like your Anna.
    I love a good Me-sauge! I miss that most about being allergic to them. Not many Me-sauges in my future.