Friday, January 11, 2008

De-Lurk and Conquer!

Apparently this week is national de-lurking week. Really somebody should make a calendar of all the blogging holidays out there 'cause it's hard to keep track.

I did learn about this a couple of days ago and wanted to write about it but hadn't sat down to do so. This morning, though, we've had some serious thunder and lightning. This makes the dog nervous. If by nervous you mean panicked with a side of catatonic. She lies on the bed shaking and drooling and will not be comforted. So, up I got to listen to the weather report and see how long this would go on.

About an hour.

Now the girl is resting quietly on the other end of the couch, she's exhausted. And voila! Time to write about de-lurking.

So, throw someone a comment today, tomorrow or Sunday. Heck, commit to throwing someone new a comment at least once a week for the rest of the year. That's what I did last year...wait I think actually that Chili and I made a pact to comment at least once a day, even if it was on a regularly read blog for the year. It's panned out really well, I've met all sorts of new people and feel a lot more comfortable commenting now. Anyway, more commenting is good, it's fulfilling the unwritten social contract of the blogosphere, right?

Usually I give you a question to get you out of the internet shadows.'s a choice of two:

1. What did you/will you do to celebrate your 40th birthday?

2. Pepto or Immodium?


  1. For the big 4-0, Alex arranged a roller disco blowout at the now gone but not forgotten Roxy. Best birthday ever.

    Immodium never fails, but if this upset continues, you probably should see a doc (this comes from Queen of the G.I. Tract)

  2. Anonymous11:55 AM

    1a. Hi.

    1b. I hadn't really thought about it. I'm not even sure what I'm doing this weekend.

    2. Whatever's at hand. Or neither.

  3. Anonymous4:23 PM

    I tried to comment on your "I'm sick.. of this" post this morning. For some reason, it wouldn't let me. This is not the first time this has happened to me.. Not sure if my typing right now is going to go to waste..
    Anyway,1. I'm sure I will try to do something really fun on my 40th. I try to do something new each year. 2.Pepcid plus the Rx for the esophagus when it throws a fit, which thankfuly is not very often. Thanks for asking!

  4. Anonymous8:49 PM

    I HAVE managed to comment at least once a day (though, usually, it's much, MUCH more than that) and I, too, have met some great people that way.

    Not that I need to be drawn out of any shadows (I'm practically a stalker, by commenting standards), but I"ll answer the questions, anyway:

    I read joolieb's comment (without my glasses on) and I thought that "hi" was "HI" which I misinterpreted as the initials for HAWAII, which seemed like a GREAT way to celebrate one's 40th birthday. I think I'm going to start hinting to Mr. Chili that this would be a welcomed 40th birthday present. And that we should bring Kizz...

    Happily, I don't get much tummy upset. We only have Pepto in the house, though, so that'd have to be my answer. I hope you're feeling better, Sweet....

  5. 1. Right now, I am focusing on planning the 30th. It will be something BIG (7/11, save the date).

    2. Pepto.

  6. Joolie, seriously?! Happy Birthday!

    Lester, saving the date right now. Looking forward to it!