Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Can't Believe I Last Looked At This List in July

I think my #1 goal for 2008 should be "Check in on this list once a month no matter how scary it feels." I'll go through the list one more time now and then work on a list for 2008.

1. Get regular vocal coaching - This has become harder since it involves finding a new coach now that Jay is dead. I might have to split it up into 2 goals now. It sure didn't get done in 2007.

2. Record full-length CD - I have got one more track down on this. And that's as far as it went.

3. Scudder Memorial (Jan) - subbed Mrs. X's service for this. DONE

4. Finish DVD - DONE

5. Night Before Christmas for fam (make a book? buy them?) - Yeah, not done and I'm ambivalent about it since I wasn't even asked to read the story this year on Christmas Eve. Still I might do it. I'd love to see what sort of NBC Robert would illustrate. I did buy them for the kids, though, so DONE.

6. Memorize Night Before Christmas - This seems much less important. I don't think it's going to make the 2008 list.

7. Continue Floor Barre classes - The head cleavage dimmed the wattage on this since Thanksgiving but it's a habit and I'm sure I won't stop it.

8. Add another hour per week of exercise - I've added walking, plenty more than an hour a week. I think I need to add an hour (3 20 minute sessions) of weight training.

9. Teach at NSCC (April) - got canceled, not of my own accord. Sub in "Hold brunch at my house" and it's DONE.

10. See Red Molly in MA (April) - got canceled due to time and budgetary constraints with the wedding and the funeral and stuff. Sub in "Throw dinner party" and its also DONE.

11. Submit play to 20 places - I've done 1.

12. Book Shakespeare 20 places - I'm still on the verge of 1.

13. Go on a date - I feel that my zipperhead makes this a little more challenging for the forseeable future but I do want to change my attitude about the whole process.

14. New Year at the steam pipes - I'm doing that in a few hours after dinner at K&A's pad and I'm really looking forward to it.

15. 2 field trips with Alita - We did one to the aquarium and I think we can count Santaland and Wolves in the Walls so three total, cool!

16. Write 6x/week on blog - I've been writing 3 times a day most days for a few months so this is a habit and I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking with it.

17. See Avenue Q - DONE!

18. Post-Thanksgiving Open House - It was fun, too. DONE.

19. Make 3 cross stitch bibs (Music Baby, ProfDoc kid, Miflohny baby) - I did 2 and the 3rd kid is probably too old for that so I'm letting it slide. What goes in this crafting slot this year? Learn to knit?

20. Find director for Chekhov - I had a meeting with a potential director.

21. Reading of Chekhov

22. Full production of Chekhov

23. Sing live - I sang at the nursing home about a year ago. I'd like to do more of that and I'd like to sing in other venues too, but due to #1 on this list...let's just say it's a challenge.

24. Hang pictures

25. Bathe dog once - DONE! Poorly but done.

26. Perform at Boerum Hill nursing home sing along - DONE!

27. Pick songs for nursing homes show

28. Learn songs for 27 - I did work on this and on 27, clearly it's not a priority.

29. Book 5 nursing home shows

30. Lobsterbake (June) - DONE.

31. Cook Christmas dinner - DONE

32. Do stockings for Christmas - I did other gifts instead and it turned out that other people did stockings so it all worked out.

33. Polish up 3 short stories - I've done a second draft of one and sent it to Wayfarer for more comments.

34. 20 short story submissions

35. Go to Met Museum

36. See an opera

37. Go to MoMA

38. Go to Frick - If I'd looked at this list I might have gotten myself out the door and to a museum on Friday, huh?

39. Buy back-up hard drive - DONE (thanks to Mr. Chili)

40. Get back-up hard drive installed - DONE (see above for the thanks)

41. Install Final Draft

42. Learn how to use Final Draft

43. Eat 3 servings of fruits & veggies/day - DONE my eating habits are tres different despite my slacking this month.

44. Finish work filing - DONE

45. Re-do work files

46. Keep work files current - so not done.

47. Donate mattress & box spring - DONE

48. Clean out closets

49. Set up home filing system

50. Gyn appointment

51. Dentist appointment

52. Buy scanner

53. Scan family photos

54. Pay Kath & Alex back for Emily care - I could do more but they always tell me no so I'm calling it DONE

55. Auntie Blanche's birthday - I have no recollection of what I did for this. I did not go home since I'd been back a month before for the reunion.

56. Trip to beach - technically done with the Aquarium trip, letter of the law but not the spirit really. Still, DONE.

57. Art work for CD - DONE (thanks to Alex & Kath)

58. Post photos to Flickr - DONE, it's a habit.

59. Invest 1/2 savings - My savings is in poor shape. Still exists but I've been having to pirate it for regular expenses.

60. See accountant in person - DONE

61. Re-work investments to maximize return

62. Sort out IRA contribution

63. NaBloPoMo - DONE

64. Brooklyn Museum - DONE

65. See Coast of Utopia - not an option anymore, sub in "Go to 20th HS reunion" and call it DONE.

66. Update address book - I updated my Christmas card spreadsheet but not the address book.

67. Make Christmas cards - DONE

68. Take more photos - Total habit, total love. DONE

69. Go to one Share the Wealth Brunch - DONE

70. Read classic/good-for-me books - I read a good mix this year I think. DONE.

71. Plan birthday celebration - I don't know if this was for Jan 2007 or Jan 2008. DONE on both counts.

72. Go to Aquarium - DONE

73. Set automatic payments for health insurance - Not done and just as well I suppose since I've been urged to switch insurance companies.

74. Bring lunch 3 days/week - Calling this DONE.

75. Give SG1 back to Ulserad - DONE, FINALLY.

76. Get photos framed

77. Eye exam - DONE

78. New lenses - DONE and new frames too.

79. Contact lenses

80. Make out will

81. Inquire about grave plot

82. Renew passport - I got the forms for it.

83. Submit for print audition - Yeeeeah, maybe not just now with my crater face.

84. Submit for commercial audition - Ditto.

85. Write Rena once/month - I wrote a few times and she liked it and we talked on the phone 3 or 5 times so I'm calling it DONE. Again spirit not letter.

86. Write Auntie Blanche once/month - See above.

87. Cook once/month - At least once a month. DONE.

88. Go to Cyclones game - Talked with Kath about this and we'll probably go together this coming summer.

89. Take all vacation days - Why is this so tough, I've got a full week(4 days) left over.

90. Make new cookbook pages - This was something that went out the window after the surgery.

91. God's Love for Thanksgiving - DONE

92. Solve electric meter problem - strides were made but done it's not.

93. Write to The Athlete - DONE/ There is so much despair around this.

94. Write something 15 minutes/day - I still go in and out on this but I'm working on it.

95. Send Christmas thank you notes

96. Read This Is Not Over once/week - This site is now defunct so its not happening. Sub "Attend Father's wedding" and it's DONE.

97. Drink 64 oz. water minimum/day - Totally a habit. DONE

98. Buy rings from Yelle - Sub buy from Queen Bee and I've MORE than accomplished this. DONE

99. Get painting fixed - Pony Express and I jury rigged it since professional services were not available. DONE.

100. Vocal warm-up 5 days/week

101. Physical warm-up 5 days/week

102. Daily vitamin - I stopped doing this because it was stopping me up.

103. Pay extra mortgage payment - I paid some extra over the year but not a full extra payment.

104. Pay off loan from Mom - DONE!

105. Get massage - DONE!

106. Get facial

107. Buy cocktail dress that fits - DONE maybe a couple of times over what with the reunion and the wedding and the weight loss.

It's been interesting to revisit this. Scary but interesting. I'm looking forward to really rethinking my priorities and making a 108 in 2008 list. JRH was instrumental in goosing me along to a 2008 list so perhaps she'll share her list with us here.

Tally: 53 DONE, that's almost half, and since there was progress made on many other things I'm calling it a passing grade since in life showing your work really does count. Really, really.

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  1. This is SUCH a good idea, but I have to admit to being totally intimidated by it. I'm going to try to make a list, though, and look to you for encouragement and inspiration.

    See if you can get JRH to post hers (that girl needs to start a blog)...

  2. um...Wow. I'm impressed!

    First, that you had such a long list, second, that you were public about it. Good for you!

    I liked how you quantified how many hours/week you go to the gym. That's a good way of doing it. I think I'm going to do the same.


  3. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I like how you subbed in things that were completely unrelated and called things done! I think I'll make an 8 item long list for 2008 - I can't seem to get anything done!

    I'm glad little seal was the recipient of one of the bibs!!! He wears it quite often!

  4. Aw, crap, now I am going to have do my list for 2008...
    After looking over my own 107, I noticed the same thing about yours that I did mine: we had one big goal, mentioned in several of our 107, that we kicked the shit out of, got some other stuff done, and reprioritized over the other ones. Yours was weight loss/fitness/nutrition; mine was running/racing/running buddies. I am proud of us -- if we had just made that one resolution each, we would consider ourselves highly successful. We did that, plus bonus points.

  5. Wow.
    Quite a list.
    I think I'll resolve to make a list.
    Beyond that, I'm not committed.

  6. Wow. You know where you are going. My little 10 item list in in the dust.
    11. Make longer list than Kizz.
    I admire how real you are with yourself in doing this.
    Final Draft? What is that?
    Short Story submission! Yes, a must.
    You are an excellent writer. I believe in your talents.

  7. I also keep a list for every year. It's so much better than trying to make a resolution. I love checking things off, but it's also okay to carry things over into the next year.

  8. Thanks for the encouragement you guys.

    If I make the items vague I feel any failure more acutely. Like Kath I like having things that can be definitively crossed off the list.

    Final Draft is a script writing program. I had it installed but didn't know how to use it then I upgraded the computer and haven't re-installed it.

    Miflohny, you've got a baby, every day your list is at least 108 things long.

    Chili, I'm looking forward to your list.