Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Once You Start You Just Can't Stop

I was reading Suzanne's New Year post and she mentioned in a very offhand sort of a way that Richard Armitage might be a good prospect for a Hot People post. I actually stopped reading immediately to see who he was and once I recognized him as Guy of Gisborne from the recent BBC version of Robin Hood I launched into this post without going back to her post. No reflection on her, or rather a big reflection on her, she showed me something shiny, she shouldn't be surprised that I got distracted.

For clarity's sake, above these words are 2 photos of the lovely and talented Richard Armitage.

Below a couple of shots of Jonas Armstrong who does a bang up job playing the generous and gifted Robin Hood. Well, at least I'd bang him. (Now I feel dirty, he does look awfully young. But he's so pretty and ... well ... arrows.)

I realize I've been slacking in the Hot Chick department of late. Thus the delightful Lucy Griffiths rounds out this post. From my limited browsing I've gleaned that she's not just posing with that bow and arrow, she can actually shoot. In these post-Buffy & Xena days she's an extremely satisfying Maid Marian.


  1. Thank you for including my suggestion. He's so, yummy. I highly recommend watching "North and South". If you are a Netflixer, you can watch it on-line, as I did while making Halloween costumes for the girls. Veeeerrry distracting.

  2. The guy on the top of this list is just ridonkulously hot. I need to start watching Robin Hood. But the guy who plays RH looks way too girly.

    My current hot person is Craig Ferguson. Scottish, funny, a little salt & pepper. Don't tell Alex, but we're getting married.

  3. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Must second, third, and fourth the recommendation of North and South. I may wear out my copy. Smashing story, stuff to think about, good performances, and, yes, uber-yum R.A.

  4. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I don't recognize even one of those people.

  5. Gerry, that's why I link to them and leave their names. I know you've got a handicap. :)

    Ladies, I'd never heard of this North & South, I'm looking forward to it!

    Craig Ferguson? I'm going to have to work to get a hot people post that works him in. I'll consider it a challenge.

    Suzanne, I live in an all Mac world and Netflix doesn't let you stream movies if you're on Mac, I'll have to wait for the DVDs. Life is so unfair. Sigh.