Monday, February 04, 2008

Original Women Perform

Around the internet folks are lending me a helping hand. I intruded on their e-mail territory and begged for help and they put my information out on the internet and that is cool. (This picture is me.)
I'm producing a show, a festival in fact, called Original Women. I gathered together some women that I think are awesome and asked them to put their awesomesauce (tm. Mina of Sweetney) on stage for 2 nights only. We'll be at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange on February 15 & 16 at 8pm. (Directions are on the bax website and this picture is of Jennica Carmona who will be performing the world premiere of Elvira, a play about immigration rights.)
Tickets are cheap, I'm telling you. Technically it's $15 ($5 for students and seniors) but just use the discount code KIZZ and get $5 off the regular ticket price. (This here is Mimi Ferraro, her new band, The Reformationists, will be doing their first acoustic performance in the festival.)
I wanted to do the show in February as a tie in to raise money for the 10th anniversary of V-Day and its charities. We'll be having a raffle with prizes donated by local artists and all proceeds from that and from our concessions will go to V-Day. (Jessica Carmona-Baez, below, wrote Elvira for her twin sister. She's also going to bake some tasty treats for our concession stand. I love a multi-tasker.)
I'm excited by the prospect of doing this show. I'm also petrified by it. I want so much for it to work out perfectly for everyone involved. I want to raise a ton of money for V-Day and I want all the artists to get huge response for their work and I want the place to be packed chock full of people. I want all those things for what they are but also because I want to do this again. I want to offer this opportunity to more artists and I want to keep my butt on stage more often and I want to raise more money for good causes. Of course with all this desire comes fear, fear of failure. Why does that always dog us? To help me combat my fear please feel free to spread the word and the discount code. I am promoting this event entirely via electronic media so every voice out here counts. (Here's the band. That's Kat Fong & Ferg O'Sullivan with Mimi. I can't wait to hear them.)

Hey, I didn't tell you what I'm doing for the festival. I'm performing 2 world premieres. One is a short narrative dance piece about being left behind and the other is a play about the perils of speed dating. One of those pieces is funny. I leave you to guess which one. (Mark Allen Berube is my friend and co-conspirator for the speed dating play, he plays all the guys I speed date. He is a beautiful freak.)

I fear that I may have left out some crucial piece of information so here's the press release in case there's something else you need to know. Please direct questions to the comments or to the e-mail in the release. Don't forget that discount code, KIZZ, for $5 off the regular ticket price.

Elizabeth Robinson
165 Clinton Avenue, #2B
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Phone: 917-364-7644
Original Women Festival Opens At BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange In February
BROOKLYN, NY -- Original Women is a festival of new works by Elizabeth H. Robinson, Mimi Ferraro, Jennica Carmona, and Jessica Carmona-Baez. The event was coordinated by Robinson, and will take place at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange (, a venue committed to nurturing women’s creativity, and will include a raffle to benefit the 10th anniversary of the V-Day charities ( Performances take place at 8pm February 15 and 16, 2008 at BAX 421 Fifth Avenue (corner of 8th Street) in Brooklyn.
The evening will include:
In Short by The Reformationists (Mimi Ferraro, Ferg O'Sullivan, and Kat Fong). The Reformationists create rock music with a dark soul, an intense hunger, and a ticklish underbelly. Soaring violin hooks offset raucous guitar choruses. Haunting, playful vocals add intrigue. Lyrical madness abounds. Since their inception in 2007 The Reformationists have been reworking old songs and writing new ones in preparation for a full-length musical and visual rock experience. This short set is a sample of their newest material.
Elvira is an original theatre piece written by Jessica Carmona-Baez and performed by Jennica Carmona, which dramatizes the true story of Elvira Arellano, an immigrant turned activist at the forefront of the immigrant rights movement. Deemed by many the Rosa Parks of the Immigrant Rights Movement, Ms. Arellano’s story is an inspiration to all those fighting for equal rights, dignity, and respect for immigrants in this country.
Jessica Carmona-Baez is an actress, dancer, and playwright. A graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, her many theatre credits include Nickel and Dimed, Platanos and Collard Greens, and R.A.W Street Theatre. Jennica Carmona is a New York City Based actress, dancer, and writer. She is also a graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, and her favorite roles include Marela in Anna in the Tropics (Hippodrome State Theatre), and Sharon in I Just Love Andy Gibb (Pregones Theatre).
Wait Here is a new narrative dance piece by Elizabeth H. Robinson. Inspired by the Right Bastards song, “Alice Sits”, Wait Here is a portrait of those we leave behind.
Ariadne thought speed dating would be a harmless and simple way to ease into the dating scene. Turns out that the length of a date doesn’t lessen the potential for disaster. In Speeding Husbands, a new play by Elizabeth H. Robinson, we can relish these brief social disasters from a safe distance.
Ms. Robinson is an actor, writer, singer, dancer, and teacher based in New York City. She has performed in theatres around the country, including HERE Arts Center, New Perspectives Theatre, Phoenix Theatre Circle, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Mugford Street Players, and many others. She received a BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and a postgraduate diploma from the London Academy of Performing Arts.
Original Women
Friday, February 15 and Saturday February 16, 2008
8:00 pm
BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange
421 Fifth Avenue
corner of 8th Street
Tickets $15, $5 students & senior citizens


  1. First, that is BEAUTIFUL picture of you. You are hawt.

    Second, this sounds INCREDIBLE and I wish I lived in NY.

    I wish you so much success.

    Have you ever seen a show at the New George's Theatre?

  2. Anonymous12:34 AM

    I second that. This post should have a "hot people" tag.

    Break a... no, don't do that.

  3. Mrs. G, I think I've actually worked at the New George's at some point. As a technician, though, not as an artist.

    Becky, yeah I tried to break something and I got pretty close.

    Thank you both for the compliments.

  4. If I can come for the Friday night show, can I crash with you and come back on Saturday morning?

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