Thursday, January 03, 2008

Reminders Are Good

Gypsy did this little exercise yesterday and reminded me that I had done it last year and really loved it. Loved it so much and was so hopped up by last year's steam pipe experience that it was my first post of the new year at 2:07am. So here, I'll do it again.

The format is to list the first sentence of the first post of each month of the previous year. I link to each month but not to the specific post. Blogger is tricky, I have to remember that the first post of the month will be at the bottom of each page. Anyhoo...

January - I can't do a proper piece about how I rang in the new year, because ringing in the new year involved champagne (and waffles!) but I need to do something to keep myself awake until I can finish off at least this one 20 oz. bottle of water.

February - Audio Girl sends me an e-mail with the subject line: I'm guessing you won't want to try this.

March - Organizationally it seems like a really smart thing to do an a cappella track on your CD.

April - The other day I was on the phone with Carmencita and she told me that earlier in the day Alita had looked up at her and said, "I want Kizzy."

May - I was actually going to write something last night but then the red rage clamped down again and it wasn't a good idea for me to write in a public forum. So all I can do for you is distract you with something pretty.

June - Gertrude wrote about the last set of Hot People: "Who or what told you these people were hot? Or is this a list of your own making?"

July - Go read this comic then come back.

August - Today ProfDoc returns as ProfDoc and Family (which is not to say that she didn't have or wasn't a family already but...oh god there really is no slick yet inoffensive way to say that, is there?). Anyway, in honor of their return I give you a quote which has both nothing and everything to do with them. (ed. note: As written this is 2 sentences but as read it should be one. I punctuated poorly and for that I am sorry.)


October - "You've got big dreams? You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying ... in sweat."

November - Last year M. Kennedy had a little idea.

December - I know that everybody has already mentioned this awesome site but if I pass this ridiculous (but charitable) obsession on to even one more person then it'll be a post well posted.

This took a lot more time than I expected. It's hard not to poke around in the archives when you're scrolling around looking for the lead off quotes. Some stuff I wrote about in January and February feels like it happened just yesterday even though if I hadn't read the posts I wouldn't have remembered the events at all. Very strange experience. Fun, though, and useful. Enjoy!

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