Thursday, January 03, 2008

Resolute Guest Blogger

ProfDoc/JRH has been kind enough to offer up her 2007 wrap up and her list of plans for 2008 as guest blog fodder. I love seeing what everyone plans to do! Editorial comments are in italics.

Okay, here is the year in review. I think there about 74 that I feel comfortable saying I did/met/kicked the crap out of. The summary is that I did a great job working on my running and my running relationships and a not such a great job getting out and going places (likely because I met goal #1).

1. Become a Mom. Check.
2. Register for child care. Check. And, man, I do love them.
3. Have gyn appt. Check.
4. Work under a non-expired contract. Check. The change in atmosphere is palpable.
5. Visit Kizz. Does picking her up in Boston count? Yes
6. Visit DMB. Check.
7. Visit Richmond/Raleigh. Nope.
8. Visit E. Does meeting up with her at the local outlet mall count? I think so.
9. Finish House of the Spirits. Never gonna happen. I just recommended in an e-mail that she watch the movie when it comes out on DVD.
10. Make a life book for Prof Doc Baby. Check. Although I don't think I ever took it out of the box when it came in the mail.
11. Go to Guatemala. Check.
12. Twice. Check.
13. Put together a nursery. Check.
14. Run a road race. Check, check, check. I did three.
15. Run 10 miles. At one time. I did this 8 times, once in a race.
16. Win 3 field hockey games (as coach). Check.
17. Go to Portsmouth. Grrr. No check.
18. Take Sid to nursing home once a month. At least. Gave up on this. Sid is a black lab.
19. Send out Prof Doc Baby announcements. -- Check.
20. Send out Christmas cards. -- Check.
21. See Capitol Steps with Dad. -- Check.
22. See a Bruins game. -- Check.
23. See a Seadogs game. -- Grrr. No check.
24. See a Spinners game. -- No check.
25. See a Pats game. -- No check. These 3 I am bitter about.
26. Cut back on soda. -- So not a check.
27. Go to the dentist. -- Check.
28. Twice. -- Decided to switch to Husband's plan before this happened.
29. Volunteer for 50 hours. At least. -- Check, I think.
30. Visit my grandparents. -- Check more than once.
31. Make travel plans for 11. -- Check.
32. Have a fantasy football team. -- Check. Came in 5th of 12. Did I mention I'm the only girl?
33. Take the dogs to the vet. Does that count as 3? -- So many checks. And VISA slips.
34. Develop a new project for one of my classes. -- Check.
35. Go to a conference. -- Nope.
36. Take Prof Doc Baby trick or treating. -- Check.
37. Watch all of my dvds that are still in cellophane. -- Not so much. Can we get a list of what movies these are, please?
38. Go to that cute little store near the common. -- No excuse for this.
39. Go to a Whole Foods store. -- Nope.
40. Go to a Trader Joes. -- Check.
41. Go to IKEA. -- Check.
42. Open up a CD at the bank. -- Check.
43. Move some money from checking to savings. -- Check.
44. Shop for baby essentials: carseat, stroller, changing table. -- Check. Though we didn't bother with the table.
45. Teach Prof Doc Husband to change a diaper. -- Check.
46. Finish this list. -- Check. I may have to use this one to complete my 108 in 2008 list.
47. Make paella. -- Heating up the frozen kind probably doesn't count. Sorry, the judges can't give you this one.
48. See Carbon Leaf. -- Check.
49. Go to WF meetings. -- Check. WF = Waiting Families re: adoption
50. Donate old towels/blankets to HSFN. -- Check, I think. Though it needs to be done again. HSFN = Humane Society.... of somewhere.
51. Do sit-ups at least twice a week. -- Eh, not that often.
52. Floss. -- Yeah, not so much.
53. Help Prof Doc Husband clean out his closet. -- Nope.
54. Take my field hockey team on runs. -- Check.
55. Do the Cliff Walk. -- Check.
56. Think of at least one kickass Christmas present idea. -- Heh, heh, heh. Check. She sent me pop tarts with a note that said, "Sorry, Joshua Jackson wouldn't fit in the mailbox." I thought that was pretty kickass. Also, I like how this one requires that she think of a gift but not that she actual give it.
57. Write (and legalize) a will. -- Met with the lawyer, know what it should say, need to read and sign it.
58. Get on a family health insurance plan. -- Check.
59. Tell the microchip people where my dogs live now. -- Check.
60. Use the netflix subscription to the max (which may involve scaling back). -- Check.
61. Take Sidney swimming. -- Check.
62. Get together with T. Alone. -- Saw Knocked Up.
63. Get together with M. -- Not alone.
64. Do something non-running with my running buddies. -- Check, check, check.
65. See H get married. -- Check. Beautiful.
66. Get H a cool wedding present. -- Check.
67. Get together with H & E. -- Check.
68. Baby-sit for A. -- Nope.
69. Find a non-family baby-sitter for Prof Doc Baby. -- I have ideas, but haven't had to follow through. I'll be interested to see if having to follow through will be on her 2008 list.
70. Pick out material for PDB's quilt. -- I offered up paint chips.
71. Thank Prof Doc MIL profusely for PDB's quilt. -- I hope so.
72. Get a nice present for D. -- Check.
73. Donate $ to Harvard Schools Trust. -- Check.
74. Donate $ to HSFN. -- Check.
75. Donate $ to WHFC. -- Check.
76. Mejorar mi espanol. -- Si. Un poco.
77. Write to my grandparents. -- Check.
78. Go to Sorrentos. -- I can't make it to the pizza place on the way home from work... what is wrong with me? Clearly your priorities are skewed.
79. Use gift cards. -- Hell, yeah. And cash.
80. Read at least 12 books. -- I love this goal. It kept me reading, but didn't stress me out. I think I did read 12 new books, plus 7 rereads (6 of them being Harry Potters). Wouldn't mind a peek at this list either.
81. Try out a new recipe once a month. -- I did try some new recipes, but not that many.
82. Go to church. -- Hee, hee, hee, good one. I'll be really interested to see if this warrants a spot on the 2008 list.
83. Continue to *read* the magazines we get. -- I think so.
84. Develop a household division of labor plan. -- I wouldn't call it a plan so much.
85. Get together with T & T. -- Nope.
86. Get together with the McH's. -- Check.
87. Go on a hike. -- Not really.
88. Go to Salem. -- Nope.
89. Go to Sturbridge. -- Nope.
90. Switch to gmail. -- Check.
91. Run the Graniteville to Forge Village loop. -- Check. Stupid hill.
92. Walk the Minute Man trails. -- Check.
93. Walk the Ayer/Groton bike trails. -- Check.
94. Get a membership at the library. -- Speaking of no excuses. Dude, this is wrong with a capital WR. Go do this now, please.
95. Vote. -- Check.
96. Get birthday cards out on time. -- Maybe some of them.
97. Drink lots of water. -- Check. I need to go pee now.
98. Take a multivitamin. -- Check.
99. Get enough calcium. -- Check.
100. Volunteer at the DI tournament. -- Check.
101. See at least one show and one concert that I don't already have tix for. -- Check.
102. Finish watching back episodes of Grey's. -- Nope. Grey's, as in Anatomy for those who do not share our obsession and our shorthand.
103. "Encourage" Prof Doc Husband to get the hot water heater out of the basement. -- Not gonna happen. Ever. Heh.
104. License the dogs for '07. -- Check.
105. Use up my back supply of pretty-smelling body care products.-- Getting there.
106. Donate to the HSFN yard sale (ie get rid of stuff we don't use). -- Check.
107. Keep track of how many of these I actually do. -- Check.

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  1. Okay - I'll start my list this afternoon....