Monday, January 07, 2008

Skipping in Circles!

A zillion years ago I had a boyfriend and we were in the park as part of a babysitting gig for a girl who is now in her senior year of college. We accidentally met up with her pre-school teacher and another group of kids from the school. They were practicing motor skills by doing relay races. One little boy started out skipping fine...for about 2 steps and then made a sharp left and continued only in tight circles, ever higher, elevated by his unrestrained glee. The teacher yelled out, "Jack, Jack! You're skipping in circles!" in a tone of such incredulity that the boy and I repeated it for years after. Even now when I sense myself running off the rails I hear that teacher calling out to me.

Today I weighed in for the first official time since Thanksgiving week. Holding steady at 131.5. Thank you food poisoning, I couldn't have done it without you.

I've been in heated negotiations with Peter Weekly about a third actor for the play I've written and we've got some choices...of course now we have to actually let those actors in on the conversation.

I forgot all of my cash and ID and cards at home and didn't realize it until I'd completed 17 minutes of my 20 minute walk to the subway. I scrounged a $20 out of a Christmas card in my bag, bought batteries so I'd have the right change to buy a 2 trip metrocard to get to work and used an old work ID from a job I've been away from for 3 years as my photo ID to get into the building to go to work. Fortunately I had not forgotten to pack my lunch.

I feel low level sick to my stomach most of the day. It's the antibiotics, I'm done with them but they are not done with me.

I fear I have sciatica.

I called the vet to get more pills for the cat which I can hopefully pick up tomorrow with only an 8 or 10 block detour during my walk to the derm for him to say, "Looks fine." about my scabhead.

I read a post that has me entirely up in arms about writing and publishing and am trying to get a post out of my head and up here about that.

Help! Help! I'm skipping in circles!


  1. I'm not so sure you're skipping in circles - it seems like you're touching on some important stuff here...

  2. Touching on important things, sure, but then careening in an alternate direction flailing my arms like the proverbial Roomba. If there ever were such a thing as a proverbial Roomba.

  3. I have an R2-D2 robot that goes about the room, making strange beeping, dooting noises...and when it comes upon a human being, an alarm goes off.....

    I have no idea why I felt like sharing that. Might have been the Roomba reference.

  4. Your R2 and I have a fair amount in common today.

  5. When I think of your scar I think of Christian Troy dabbing it with some healing slauve.
    "Tell me what you don't like about yourself."
    Strange how some phrases stick literally forever and how you cannot remember yesterday sometimes.

  6. Skipping in circles rocks.

  7. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Keep skipping! When you are good and ready you will stop and be better for it! Trust me! Also, I hate the pop up but baby, it's your blog so do what you want.

  8. OK. so this pop up comment thing...on purpose?? huh. thought my computer went to funkytown.

  9. OK. so this pop up comment thing...on purpose?? huh. thought my computer went to funkytown.

  10. OK. so this pop up comment thing...on purpose?? huh. thought my computer went to funkytown.

  11. Yeah, it's on purpose. Do you guys all hate it or is it just Auntie?

  12. I'm not a fan.
    Can't see everything at once.
    But I can adjust.