Tuesday, January 01, 2008

These Guys Are Classics

I put the movie in my queue because it was in Robert Downey, Jr.'s filmography.
I didn't pay attention to what year it was made. (1985)
It's pretty much what you'd expect with the synth music and the hair and the shirtless Downey playing drums and the viilante teenager.....OK so not really what I'd expect at all.
Sometimes surprises are funny. What's not surprising is that watching it makes me want to lick these guys up one side and down the other. Twice. Maybe even three times.


  1. Holy Mother does Robert Downey, Jr. make my blood boil. Yum yum.

  2. James Spader, too, but not like RD, Jr. Do you know if Ally McBeal is on DVD? I'll have to check. He was so hot on that show.

  3. I love RDJr - he is one of my favorite actors. Even if the movie he is in truly sucks, his work is always superb.

  4. I was just telling Zelda last night that everything RDJr did last year on DVD is really a must see.
    So good that he is back and with it.
    His Actor's Studio is among my favorites.
    Zodiac with covered eyes in parts but its really about the guys that covered the case and their lives and not the killing.
    Also the great one with Val Kilmer.
    It was so twisty and turny, unbelievable!
    Of course I love James. I saw in while in San Fran. Vodka aisle Beverages and More. Pre-Boston Legal.
    My first bad boy crush.

  5. Ha!
    I was commented above about James before I saw this post.
    Law, he's hot.

  6. I love that I'm not the only person that made the connection from these guys to Spader and back again, Chrome.

    I'm pretty sure that his season of Ally MacBeal is out on DVD. I suspect it's on Netflix, check out RDJr's filmography and it'll specify his seasons of the show.