Monday, January 14, 2008

This Is Why I Never Take Action

It's hard for me to take action. I spend a lot of time waiting for good things to simply fall from the sky (or from the hands of kind and generous people) and into my lap. I know this is not a wise course of action and yet...

For instance I haven't been writing on my play that goes up next month. I know I should but I can't bear to read it one more time and there's a wrongness in it somewhere that I can't address and it has to do with the animals. I was trying to cast it and got 2 of my favorite boys who are also 2 of my favorite actors to agree and I assigned them roles based on how it was written despite having a pull in my heart toward reversing those assignments. I figured when I wrote again I'd figure it out but then Mark started talking about memorizing the script and I told him I'd have an answer about the roles within 24 hours and so I went to Paul to get his feelings on it and this ensued.

-Sure that's fine but the animals are wrong.

-I know. This is what bothers me about changing the casting. Thoughts?

- I don't know. Mole rat.


It's the perfect answer (the conversation went on a bit to clarify) and I'm excited to get back to the script and know I can get a working version done in 48 hours for our performance a month from tomorrow (AUUUUUUUGH!).

When stuff actually does just fall into place like that it really calls this whole work ethic thing into question. It's no wonder I'm just waiting around for Warren Che...I mean, Justin Long to just fall into my lips...I mean, lap.


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Dude, trust your gut always! Reverse the roles! And wouldn't you rather have Justin Long on your lap anyway? Hehe.

  2. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Go with your gut, your head, or your heart all of the time, just know where your feelings and instincts are coming from and working from. Change the roles? Hey, if your gut tells you so then it's probably a good thing. Just trust that the ruling part of your being is giving you good advice.

    Trust yourself, listen to yourself, do what needs to be done.

    My advice, give up on the "what they want" and focus on what you want.

    sending energy from here.