Sunday, February 17, 2008

Either? Both!

Some Sundays I'm not even up at this hour. Today, though, I've gotten up, walked the dog, walked over to the theatre (I missed the twice/hour bus by 3 minutes so, faster to walk it but cold), returned the table, picked up the chair and taken a car service back home.

Since we're still in the Year of Living Weightlessly I tried to think of a reward for myself that wasn't a whole sleeve of the Chips Ahoy left over from the weekend. So I think I'll be taking a bath while watching the episodes of Eli Stone online that I missed when they aired. (Yay! The strike is over!)

Some people out there are now trying to peel their own skin off thinking of me marinating in my own filth...for pleasure! There are, surely, bath advocates out there, too. I like both. Actually, I kind of require both. Think of it like filling the dishwasher. Sometimes you just rinse the dishes, maybe scrape off something particularly stubborn with your fingernail and call it a a day. Other times you need to soak a dish for a while then give it a rinse and put it in the machine. I like to soak myself, maybe shave, be all bubble bathy but afterwards I have to shower to rinse off all the crap that floated to the top when I soaked.

That sounded a lot more gross than it really is. Now you know way too much about what I'm going to do today. Tell me if you're an either or a both.


  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I'm both. I do it like you do. I haven't had a bath in a long time though.
    Ps. Blogger changed the way you comment. It works for me now! Did you notice?

  2. I don't care for baths. I don't fit in the tub. If I had one of those big claw feet wonders where i could streach the legs that'd be one thing. I'm a shower girl. Hot showers in the winter, cool to almost cold in the summer!
    and yes, the new comment thingy is MUCH BETTER!!!

  3. I'm an either gal. I haven't taken a bath in ages,though - I'm with Zelda; if you can't make your boobs float, then what good is a bath? I'm almost to the breaking point here, though - I've GOT a boob-floating tub, it's just not installed yet. Gotta get on that...

    I do love me a good, long, hot shower, though...

  4. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I love to think and marinate and read, but I haven't had a bath in ages either. Not sure why. Hmm, too busy, I suppose. As for the whole boob floating thing, not being so equipped isn't much of big deal.

    Mostly, I like to stand under scalding water and contemplate depleting every drop in the house.

  5. Auntie, I saw a blurb on my log in page about the new commenting doohickey but I wasn't sure that it was helping. Glad to hear it's acceptable.

    I, too, do not have boobs with enough substance to go anywhere. I mean, I like them and all but they aren't going to break any records.