Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Do My Best Work on Sunday Nights*

The humidifier has been filled, the good-for-me food has been cooked, the garbage and recycling have been taken out, the reminder e-mails have been sent, the animals have been fed, the laundry has been done (if not put away), the dishwasher has been emptied, the dog has been walked (in weather Pony Express described as "all of the wind and none of the degrees"), the rehearsals have been scheduled.

I think.

I hope.

Well, we probably just are as ready as we'll ever be. Reservations are low but I suspect this will be a walk in kind of crowd. My main worries going into what we'll refer to as tech week, even though there's very little tech, are:

1. I still don't have a bistro type table. You know, a two top where if you both just engage your quads and lift your butts off your seats you can kiss. Where am I going to get one of these?

2. Someone to do Box Office for Friday.

3. Someone to do concessions. I think someone is ready for this but I haven't gotten confirmation yet.

4. Making stuff for the concessions.

5. Something else that I've thought of twice since I started this post just not when I get the cursor to this spot. Oh! Video. Should we record the performance and if so, how?

The other stuff will come. It will just happen. It always does. Just saying that gives me stomach butterflies but it's true.

More as it happens.

*My alternative ad.


  1. YES, VIDEO!! I'm still trying to figure a way to get Auntie and me down there to see the show, but shit's just not falling into place at the moment. I'm still working on it, and I'll try to give you a confirmation yea or nay by Wednesday....

    "All of the wind and none of the degrees." So TOTALLY describes what's going on in my neighborhood today! I LOVE Pony...

  2. I can do concessions or the door for you. I am at your service.