Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Love Tilda Swinton

I'm watching the Oscars just slightly behind real time so I don't have to watch the commercials. I haven't gotten to the part where John Stewart is basically just drinking in his dressing room while they roll out the performers and presenters one after the other because they figure only the die hards are still watching. So far its a pretty good show. It feels like all of LA is breathing out which lends a bit of giddy relief to the night. It works!

My day has been pretty far from living the Oscar dream. Mostly it's been sort of keeping busy so I don't have to think about it.

I got a 2 hour floor barre class for the price of 90 minutes. It almost killed me but I thought it was awfully generous of her. I may never go to class on a Sunday again. Way too dangerous.

I got out of the grocery store alive which, well, a freaking miracle considering the zoo that place was.

I went to the Post Office. Have I mentioned how much I love NY? Yeah. I do. You can go to the Post Office on a Sunday if you need to.

I went to the big fancy camera store for the very first time. It was like Wonkaville, only for cameras. One old dude was an ass. Abe in Used Digital Photography was awesome and beautiful and might be getting a Hanukkah card from me next year. The nice man with no name tag in the accessories department also won my affection. I'll tell you all about what I got in a post later.

I came home and made some important phone calls and walked the dog and spent over 2 freaking hours cooking all the food I had to get cooked. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate cooking as a regular thing? Probably. Sorry. During my cooking fest the dog fell off the couch and hurt her back legs which is worrisome. On the up side I discovered my new favorite good-for-you food. I'd read somewhere that you could fake mashed potatoes with cauliflower for a more healthful side. So I boiled a whole head of cauliflower, drained it, put in some coarse salt, pepper and just a teaspoon of butter and it's so delicious it was all I could do not to eat the whole thing tonight. It tastes absolutely nothing like mashed potatoes but it is really good.

Exciting, no? But all very necessary. Not a bad day but, you know, no closer to winning any awards.

I also love Kristin Chenoweth.

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  1. I craved mashed pots all day yesterday.
    Califlower, I have heard that. But I hate the stuff so I am not sure my mouth would accept any subs.
    I love the Post Office. I've been collecting stamps for Noodle since she was born.
    Sunday, now that is nice!
    Jazzed about your new camera.
    All the better for us to see through your keen eyes.