Sunday, February 17, 2008

Like Someone Stole My Life

I've been reading Chookooloonks for a while now, over a year for sure. I love Karen's photographs and really enjoy her words. Recently she became a founding member of a new site called Shutter Sisters. The group is made up of female photographers of differing skill levels but all with a wonderful eye.

One of the other founding members is Kate Inglis. You may have read about Kate as her transparent blogging about the very early birth of her twins and subsequent loss of one of them, Liam, has been must-read blogging in many circles.

Recently Kate posted a photograph of herself as a kid and boy if she didn't look just like me at that age. That's not unusual. I was a tow headed kid with a chin length bob. Me and a half the kids in America. However, as I read her post about the picture it got creepy. The picture is on a canal boat (Been there, many times with my parents and my grandparents.) in the UK (Yup, me too.) while her family was living in Newcastle Upon Tyne (Uh crap, me too and Newcastle isn't exactly a top tourist destination, go look it up and you'll see what I mean. Have you seen Billy Elliot?).

For my whole life I've thought my family did this weird and sort of desperate thing that no one else on the planet would ever do but then Al Gore went and invented the internet and completely by accident I discover that I'm not alone. How coolly bizarre, right?


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    Oh, yeah, I added Chookooloonks as a contact on Flickr, and gave credit to you.