Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Overproductive 10 Things Tuesday

I used to be a really high energy, perpetual motion type of gal. A probable life long undiagnosed anxiety disorder will do that to you. As part of my anxiety management techniques I've made a conscious effort to find stillness in my life. The bald-faced truth of it, though, is that productivity breeds productivity for me. So, despite the fact that I have a show going up in 4 days, (4 days, gah!) I have planned out not 1 but 3 posts for this 10 Things Tuesday. They were even written up on Monday night ready for easy posting on a busy Tuesday.

First up, 10 Desires for the Original Women Festival

1. Lots of people in attendance.

2. Lots of donations to V-Day.

3. The participating artists happy with their experience.

4. The participating artists want to do another festival (later this year? next year?).

5. People enjoy my work.

6. People are impressed with my work.

7. A low stress level for all participants (like me!).

8. A high enjoyment level for all participants.

9. I want to want to do another one.

10. Inspiration for whatever my next project may be.


  1. I really like having posts written and ready to publish. It takes pressure off.

    I'm still trying to figure how to get there for your show. How do I donate to V-Day if I can't make it to NYC?!



  2. You click that link I put up in item #2, it goes straight to the donation page.

    It'll be great if you can make itbut I know you're not feeling well so if you can't I'll totally understand.

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