Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seeking Approval

Saintseester stole a meme and I loved it so much I thought I'd try it myself. What are 7 things of which you approve?

1. I approve of Democracy even though I think we've totally bastardized it.

2. I approve of the internet and all it can give like photos and blogs and weather reports and friends and information and fun.

3. I approve of public displays of affection in moderation. I like to see people in love. I find it long as I don't have to see anything pink like tongues or ... you know ... whatever.

4. I approve of dogs having off leash time and space.

5. I approve of erotica and porn. They have a place. They have many things to recommend them. Check out this company that makes what look like really great movies that seem more like erotic documentaries than straight up porn. I think I got the link through Gypsy but it might have been Susie Bright. (It goes without saying that none of these are safe for work, right?)

6. I approve of drinking and going to bars. It's fun. Maybe because I don't do it every night but I still feel like it's good, clean fun.

7. I approve of everyone being allowed to speak their own mind and voice their own opinions even when I disagree with them and it makes that allowance difficult. The minute we clamp a hand over someone's mouth chances are I'm next and it's a slippery slope from there.


  1. Good stuff. I, too, approve of having fun in bars; the pub-style of fun. I do not hide from my children that occasionally we grownups have drinks. We don't binge, we don't puke, we just socialize a little.

  2. Seester, I think that's a really good lesson to learn. Alcohol may not be for everyone but it's a legal fun thing so better to have some good examples of how to have that fun safely.