Saturday, March 22, 2008

Believe The Hype

If you haven't watched the Wire you should. Whatever you think that it is, it isn't. No, it is, but it's not only that.
Season 4 is about the educational system. If you've heard that it's about the Baltimore City educational system that's true. The thing is, Baltimore is representative if the failing (I said it, and again, not hyperbole, the failing) of our nation's educational system.
They explore the people and the systems and the circumstances that are hindering that success, but they also explore the ones who are part of the solution. These solutions are common, they're ineffective, they're innovative, they're offensive, they're simple, they're ridiculously workable. The commonality is that they're solutions that someone, somewhere in Baltimore is trying them.
In one of the special features a producer talks about why they produce a show that talks about these tough political and social knots. She says, specifically about Season 4's educational theme, that she hopes that someone can fix it. She hopes that, by making a genuine, intelligent, compelling fictionalization they can reach someone who might have a plan. Maybe the person or people with the answers don't read a newspaper or watch TV news but they will watch this.
The important part is finding the solution. What about you? Do you have it? We need it now.


  1. Just bring in Omar. He can fix anything after he's had his Honey-Nut Cheerios.

    Seriously, I read somewhere that Obama is a fan of The Wire. Yet another reason to support him.

  2. The Wire is awesome. Gritty, raw, and true

  3. Omar is my hero. Love everything about him really.