Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blast of Beer From the Past

Melissa was writing the other day about Logan's new hobby. (That sentence makes it sound like they're friends that live around the corner. They aren't and they don't, the sentence just turned out like that.)

That hobby is brewing beer and she included a lot of pictures. As I looked through the pictures the screen got all wavy and dream sequency and I was hurtled back to my childhood. My parents went through a beer making phase and we had all sorts of cool paraphernalia. There were these great big earthenware crocks for the brewing (Where are those? I want one. I think one broke but there ought to be another one, too.) and every time you opened one to check on the process the whole place smelled like baking bread. My favorite part was the bottle capper. That thing had to be 50 years old when they bought it in the 70s and it required more strength than my elementary school physique had to offer but I liked to try and was fascinated by that part of the process.

I feel as though I'm watching things like that on the internet all the time these days, things that were popular when I was a kid, or at least popular in our house. I guess I am since I wrote about another thing just a little while ago. That stuff they tell you about history being a cycle and shit, it really is true, huh?



    JUST this morning - and I mean JUST this morning - Mr. Chili was flipping through the latest Land's End catalogue when I heard "Oh, YES!" It seems that narrow knit ties are coming back into fashion. He's very excited to be hip again...

  2. I should blog more about the Wine business and our vineyard and the plans for the winery.
    Beer is cool isn't it? Its made similar to the wine. And all the cool toys are available.
    I got the work with one of those bottlers this summer when we bottled the Cab Franc. I like the labelers too.
    It is not boring!