Sunday, March 16, 2008


Have a couple of drinks at a party where people talk about the goings on of the city, hear about a tragic accident and then go to sleep. My dreams were like the beginning of the first Indiana Jones movie. Cranes dropping everywhere but cocktail parties lingering on.

This particular accident happened 2 blocks from the office where I work. I bet the firefighters I pass every day have been working around the clock trying to dig people out. At last update they were still relatively certain that one person remained trapped.

Cranes like that are a fairly common sight all over the city but especially in my home neighborhood as we gentrify at an alarming rate. I even had a picture I took recently that I was going to upload but everything is wonky again. After a partial collapse in Times Square near another building I was working in I've had an eye for the menacing grasshopper-like structures. The thought of being trapped amid rubble does not appeal.

They keep showing one poor woman on TV (granted I've only seen the account 3 times but she's in every one). She's older and she is crying but she's making sense. She explains that she had just walked out of the building and then she sobs, "I lived there all my life." She breaks my heart every time. I hope she's somewhere safe tonight.


  1. hey, congrats on the redesign! It's great to see that you're doing stuff!
    Are you going to have a header?

    The crane thing does not surprise me. I don't know why there aren't accidents more often. Mark says there are but the lesser accidents aren't reported.

    Scaffolding has always made me nervous. Sometimes you can't even cross the street to avoid it because it'll be on both sides of the street.

    Anyhow, I hope people take more care about the construction. It's horrible to think of the streets being unsafe.

  2. I'm trying like hell to get a header up there but I'm having trouble uploading photographs. Not sure if it's my computer or blogger. Making me ticked, though. You don't happen to know how many pixels tall your average header is, do you? I think 100 but I haven't had a chance to try with the uploading problems.