Monday, March 03, 2008


I think I've written before about how ProfDoc likes to customize small gifts to maximize their impact.
At my suggestion (read: because I was too cheap to buy it myself) she bought a book about TV writing that centers on a very simple plot twist in Season 3 of our beloved Dawson's Creek. That plot twist was the difference between a show that petered out while the people who created it imploded and the show it became which did 6 seasons, made billions of dollars and allowed its stars to do things like The Laramie Project, Brokeback Mountain and Pieces of April. (I'm feeling charitable. I'd have given you something notable featuring the Beek but there isn't anything.)

After ProfDoc read the book she sent it on to me exhorting me to hurry up and read it because she has things she wants to discuss. The other night I decided to start by reading a few pages before I went to sleep. Imagine my surprise when I found this a couple of pages in:
The post-it says, "There's a great paragraph under here."

And there was.


  1. Varsity Blues? Oh, yeah, right. You said "notable".

  2. See? There's the rub.