Friday, March 14, 2008

Everybody Dance Now!

I've recently started reading Jen Lemen. She has pretty things for sale, too, but I don't have any of those. Anyway, she had a cool idea for a worldwide "Dance Time" and how it might help us evolve. Go take a look and let me know what you think. I think she's got a point. It makes me giggle just to think what my very staid office would look like with a cheery polka playing at 3:20 every afternoon.


  1. Someone said Dalton was the name of Sam Elliot's character in RoadHouse last night... and I had to correct them.
    James Dalton was Patrick.
    Wade Garrett was Sam Elliot.
    I am thinking about him all the time and I pray he does well.
    If anyone can it will be him.

  2. Sam Eliot is the hottest old fart in the business. All he'd have to say to me is "Hello" and I'd be a pile of goo at his feet.

  3. Anonymous8:18 AM

    I keep looking at this picture and finally decided what was impinging on my brain. It's that little bit of hair on the front of Mr. Swayze's hair, pointed towards Mr. Nose Job. It looks goofy as shit to me.