Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm Sorry It's WHEN?

Tuesday, you say?

Well, I'll be! Sneaks right up on you when you're napping heavily, doesn't it?

I'll take randomness for $1,000, Alex.

1. Frugality can bite you in the butt. I usually bring some pineapple to work. I just toss the can in my bag and don't have to worry about leakage. For a morning snack I eat half the can then, after lunch, I save the other half in the (washed) tupperware from my lunch. However, we're in that in between time now and I've got half a can of pineapple just stinking up the joint and it's making me crazy.

2. I did a lot of stuff to try to speed up my computer/uploading and none of it seemed to work. Then last night when I came home all the uploading went off without a hitch and the computer was faster. (Yes, one of the many things I tried was rebooting.)

3. I am alone in our little office with no prospects for company for the rest of the day. How glorious is that? Not that I don't like the folks that join me in here but a day of solitude is pretty cool.

4. I'm thinking about doing the MS Walk next month (I'd do Saturday since I've got a brunch on Sunday). I used to do it in honor of a friend (who can out herself if she wishes but it's not my place) and then, I'm not sure what happened, I think I went away for a year and 9/11 changed the walk's course and I just never got back into it. I noticed that the walks are coming up and thought I might do it. If I did, would you donate to the cause? I think I have to raise a couple hundred bucks to be eligible.

5. Chrome and I got to hang out in her home borough of Queens at Lilybainne's 40th birthday surprise extravaganza on Saturday. It was a really lovely night on all fronts and I'm so glad we were able to do it. Well, minus the dude who decided that, despite our clearly saying that Chrome lived happily in Queens, she should be the person to whom he dissed the borough. Not everyone can be socially graceful I suppose, Lord knows I'm not.

6. Do you proof read your blog posts? I do.

7. The entire surface of my body is so ridiculously dry that I could probably peel it off in one sheet and sell my "skin suit."

8. I am embarrassed to heat up my lunch at work because, although it is tasty, it smells strongly of cauliflower and looks like vomit.

9. So far there's no more fraud on my account but I'm keeping a close eye on it. I have sent an e-mail to ChemE asking her to guest post about online safety for one's money and ID but I haven't heard back yet. She doesn't check her home e-mail every night because, "I spend all day with the computer beeping at me, beep, beep, BEEP! Who wants to come home and get more of that?" (me, Me, ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

10. I have agreed to assist at a function that begins at midnight this Friday. I feel glamorous! No, I feel hip! No, wait, that's not it. I feel nervous that I will fall asleep. Not really. I actually like to stay up late, I just usually do so on my couch.


  1. I do proof read my posts, but as I've said before, it's futile. I can't proof my own writing for crap.

    My skin's dry, too. All I can think about when you said skin suit is the Silence of the Lambs. So, thanks for that.

    You ARE hip. I live vicariously through your hippness, so don't fall asleep, k?

  2. Okay, number 6? Not only do I proofread my posts, but I edit them for grammar and clarity (sometimes, I get a little too carried away with the commas). Do I think anyone will notice? No; but that doesn't stop me from doing it, anyway.

    I'm looking forward to ChemE's post. I just got the news that our grocery store was hacked (not just OUR store, but the whole freaking chain) and the hackers got everyone's credit and debit card info. I buy ALL my groceries with a credit card. Sigh.

  3. Hey, you changed your design. Guess it's been a while since I paid a visit. Looks great!

    What in the world are you eating for lunch?

  4. Snob, GOOD! You were supposed to think of that movie. I planned it that way. I won't fall asleep. The real question is will I have learned enough about my camera to take some photos?

    Chili, I edit for grammar and clarity too. I like to! We are geeks. But very clear ones. ChemE hasn't agreed yet but I bet she will. I only recently started using my debit card for everyday purchases. Sigh. That's unbelievable about your store. How are they going to solve that?

    Glad you like it Kath! I've been eating a slurry from the crockpot. It's chicken and mushroom soup and mashed up cauliflower and chicken broth and carrots. Tastes great, looks hideous.

  5. I don't think the store is going to do anything, really. They made announcements and invited journalists to their main offices and alerted the FBI; I think they feel that their responsibility is fulfilled and, really, I think it is. The rest is up to law enforcement and our credit card fraud departments.

    I can tell you for sure, though, that I'm keeping a CLOSE eye on the account....

  6. I'd think they'd be beefing up their technical security and telling you all about it to increase confidence. Frankly I'm also a little surprised that they aren't doing some sort of promotion just to ensure that they're retaining customers. Especially in your area where they're new (I'm assuming this is the brand new place right up the street from you). It would be above and beyond the call, sure, but it would be smart business.

  7. I giggled at the pineapple. I don't know... it just struck me as funny.
    I do try to proof the posts but am often lazy. I am a horrible speller. And I make up my own rules of grammer. I love the .... I use it everywhere.
    Alone. Where ever. When ever. A treat!
    I am glad the fraud is going well... what a scare and a headache. Glad you have good friends to hold your hand.

  8. I do not proof read my blog well enough. Most of the time, I catch the mistakes after I hit publish!

  9. Anonymous9:15 PM

    I love pineapple!

  10. Oh seester I HATE when that happens. I know I can go back and fix it but it doesn't lessen the sting.

  11. Can I tell you I had to speak about that incident with Dr. R? Seriously. That guy got me a little bunched up.
    Because here's the thing: I live there because it suits me. I like it. I like my apartment. I like my grocery store and my gym and my landlord. And by insulting the place I CHOOSE to live, you are, in turn, insulting me...like almost even the essence of me.
    Dr. R says the guy was just making a joke. I say bullcrap.