Thursday, March 20, 2008


It's more about the lens than the camera probably but these sure seem a lot more interesting than my last moon photos, I think.


  1. I just have a little digital point-and-shoot, and I'm disappointed that I can't get a decent shot of the moon.

    The blue in these is spectacular...

  2. As I scrolled past I swear I saw that flag waving!
    Hey, I have the perfect place in my almost home for your green subway photograph.
    Its an original Kizz.
    I was thinking of you as I dove belly first into the home seekers pool yesterday.

  3. Oh I'm so glad you saw it waving Gert. I walk past that thing twice a day and I am drawn to it every time just because of that motion.

    I think it's the lens that makes it possible to get moon photos, Chili, but I'm not sure. Having a shot at taking good ones is one of my great joys with this new camera. I missed an awesome one last night but it was 1am and I was walking the dog so it didn't feel like a good time to have the camera outside with me.