Saturday, March 15, 2008

In Comparison

I walked by this scene for weeks before I finally had a moment where I felt I could step out of the plan and take the photo. It's this great accidental melding of the live and the Memorex of New York City. The people that made that movie love NYC at least as much as I do they just love a different part of it and maybe in a different way. I love what they do, too, it's just not my experience, you know? This is my experience, the one I love, so you can keep all your "ewe the dirty streets and hustle and bustle" comments in a safe, tightly clenched and unsunshiny place. I love that I live somewhere that these two truths can exist at the same time. Where else do you get that?


  1. HEY! NEW LOOK!!

    LOVE! IT!!

    This picture is GORGEOUS. I may, with your permission, use it in my composition class - there's SO much going on in it, especially when one clicks it to its full size.

    I may have to write an essay now....

  2. Glad you like it all. Feel free to use the picture as you like. Enjoy.

  3. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Glad you're able to post pictures again!

    The 2 truths you mention exist most places, but just not as obviously or as in as much proximity in most places.

    Did I ever tell you my friend formerly known as Trish is a Sex in the City tour guide? (Despite the fact that she never really watched the show.)

  4. Will Trish give me the inside scoop so I can point out these places to out of town guests? I have watched and I still don't know where anything was filmed.