Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Injuries & Illnesses Of The Year

Just for kicks I wondered if I could make a 10 Things Tuesday out of the things physical bad luck I've had over the past year. I should probably be sad that it only took me about 5 minutes to get to 10.

1. Sprained wrist

2. Sprained knee

3. Fractured elbow

4. Basal Cell Carcinoma (forehead)

5. Squamous Cell (lip, biopsy pending)

6. Stubbed Toe (not broken, nearly pain-free range of motion as of this morning)

7. Popped calf muscle

8. Food poisoning

9. Food poisoning

10. Wonky ear

Also, apparently I'm a huge complainer because there are too many posts about each injury for me to be able to link to them all. Feel free to make use of the "Search Blog" button, Miflohny's been test driving it for you and I think she's finally given it the thumbs up.


  1. Wonky ear would be my favorite, but that's because I like the word wonky.

    Glad your piggy is nearly pain free.

    When do we (you) get the lip results?

  2. Is a wonky ear a medical term? How does one's ear wonk?

  3. Oh, I understand the wonky ear. As a matter of fact, I understand "wonky" as a medical term in all SORTS of applications...

    Good God, Woman! Be careful out there, wouldja?!

  4. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Yes, thumbs up on the search function! For those of you reading this who have momentary stupidness like me, if the searched-for blog entry you're looking for doesn't appear - scroll down, you'll get to it eventually.

    Kiz, I hope the year ahead is free of any more injuries! Maybe you're just getting them out of the way now so your old age is injury and illness free!

  5. Christ honey. Ouch. You need to find some clothing with more padding.
    The good news is you are full up for your lifetime injuries.

  6. I need to be like that little girl in the original Northern TP ads who padded her pants with tissue.

    The lip results won't come for a long time. It's a medication and investigation process that may take up to 4 months before a decision about cancerousness is made. I got the results on the moles and I'll be posting about that soon because it's complicated.

    Wonky is a British medical term, also a technical term and a religious one from what I can tell. It was an infection that snuck up and got super out of control and was fungal in nature and took almost a year to resolve. It sucked.