Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Missed Connection

I have a disconnect about time. At least one. I grew up between a compulsively on time person and a pathologically late person. I have no earthly idea how long shit takes and I'm petrified of being late or missing things. If I plan something special then it has to have a ton of padding on either side of it because WHO KNOWS what could happen.

A week or so ago Kath and I made a plan to take advantage of Dine In Brooklyn and go to a local restaurant. I blocked out THE WHOLE NIGHT! Remember, who knows what could happen. I went to work early so I could come home early with time to walk the dog and feed the pets before our 6:30 reservation since I might not be home until midnight, maybe later, I mean for the love of Pete the place is TWO WHOLE BLOCKS away from my house! Maybe three.

You want sanity? You've come to the wrong place.

First off, we had a truly lovely time. She had shrimp and I had a potato soup. We both had Sea Bass with a sauce that I can't remember. Kath, what was that sauce? I loved the sauce and the potatoes that were propping up the fish especially. There were two dessert choices, Key Lime Mousse and a rich Chocolate Tart, so we got one of each and shared them. Dessert was certainly the highlight, truly stellar. It turns out that restaurant, not one I think of as a staple in the 'hood, has actually been written up in national magazines. The joint was packed and hopping tonight. We had a good talk about art and learning and food and weight and fraud and Entourage and Buffalo 66 (Kath, the dude's name is Vincent Gallo, check out his imdb page).

Oh, and we were home by 7:45.

No sense of time, none at all.

So I was able to check in on Joe the Barber, do my 20 minutes of exercise and 20 minutes of cleaning, play a couple of games, check out some blogs and write this and it's only 10:00pm.

All in all a really great night. Thanks again, Kath!


  1. I'm so glad you had fun. And dessert....yum!

    I have a thing about being late. My watches are set around 10 minutes fast and the clock in my car is right around 14 minutes fast. It helps keep me on time, though when someone asks me for the time, I sound like an idiot. "Um, well, it's probably close to ten after 1 but I don't know exactly." Moron.

    This should totally be your new blog tag line: You want sanity? You've come to the wrong place.
    I laughed out loud!!!!

  2. It was all super good (Alex missed out and was making a sad burrito when I got home). The sauce is romesco, I'll make it for you some time.

  3. Oh Snob, you're right, that is a good tag line. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

    Kath, we can go to a place he likes next time. Sad Burrito Boy will be his new nickname. Thanks, I'm looking forward to the sauce! I love going out with people who know all about what I'm eating.