Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Kid On The Block

The 'hood has acquired a few St. Bernards recently. I've only seen this dude a couple of times but I hope I see him again. I think we could both benefit from a longer photo shoot. I was, of course, trying to grab a few shots before his person came out of the cafe and, I don't know, hurled a warm pastry at me. Please excuse my intrusive shadow in the second shot. He's rocking the curly coat and docked tail and the jowls, good god, the jowls! You guys ever hear that Ron White routine where he talks about hiding m&ms in his dog's jowls? You could hide a 1lb. bag of peanut m&ms in this guy's jowls and not find them for a month.


  1. aw, I really love dogs. Recently I haven't seen enough good looking ones to take photos of.
    This one is looking mighty seriously at you, hehe. They can be so funny.

  2. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I think of St. Bernards, and quite a few other breeds, as "life style" dogs. I think people acquire them so that others will think of them in a certain way. Like Earth Shoes.

    I just remembered a line from some TV show (Mary Tyler Moore?). Some character said: "I don't have a life style. I have a life."

  3. Isn't it funny how the 'hood goes through periods of certain types of dogs? There were a bunch of Weimaraners a few years back and now they're all gone. But now we have St. Bernards.

  4. They do come in waves, don't they? Dachsunds last year or the year before, pugs before that, a small infestation of border collies at one point, too. There's another great Saint who was outside Bidonville a couple of days later. He had a sidekick, some mid size old black mutt. They were funny together.