Sunday, March 09, 2008

Scenes From A Monday Morning At The Dog Park

Last Monday, that is.


  1. I can't picture where these were taken... I used to take Carter to Prospect Park and that field near the Jehovah's in the Heights.

    Wrack, wrack.

  2. They're all taken in Fort Greene Park which is technically not just for dogs, it's a community park but we do enjoy those off leash privileges. I walk through FGP on my way to work most days. I've never lived close enough to Prospect Park to go hang out with the dogs.

  3. Anonymous9:20 AM

    There's a guy who has 5 dobermans that he lets run free in the long meadow of Prospect Park in the early morning hours. It's a beautiful sight to see.

  4. I've heard about that guy with the Dobermans. I'd love to see that!