Friday, March 07, 2008


It's a little more Joseph Merrick than Robert Mapplethorpe but I am shameless and you guys have been so nice about offering the help so...I am punishing you with this photo.

This is from last night. This morning I have managed to apply new goup and band aids to all three places through flexibility and the use of hair accessories as reach extenders. Dude, it took me like 15 fucking minutes, too. This is so not on. Also, I don't have dot band aids so the one I put on that top one (using a hair clip, ingenuity: blessing or curse - discuss) isn't very pretty and it's possible that I've put the adhesive part on the actual shaved bit with is going to hurt like a bitch later but I can't really see so...what I don't know can, well can only hurt me later.

I always tell people that I like living alone because you can come home and strip off all your clothes and no one is going to bug you about it. Apparently this is the price one pays.

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. You, my love, are exceedingly funny....

  2. (using a hair clip, ingenuity: blessing or curse - discuss)

    Funniest line of the week, babe.

  3. Also, because I simply can NOT resist.

    Kizz is bringing SEXY BACK!

    Okay, not as funny as it was in my head....

  4. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Where's that "bend over" tattoo? (I refer to those often ornate tats women seem to like having on their lower back).

  5. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Black bra's are hot. Opps, I mean great job covering your own boo-boo's!

  6. You are funny as heck.

  7. Well Snob, it made ME laugh out loud.

    Auntie, duly noted. I'll have to get more than one. :)