Thursday, March 20, 2008

There Goes My Million Dollar Idea

Daily Candy has just been crushing my spirit lately. This time it was the Travel Edition. The fine people at Trufflepig have left their jobs developing high priced travel packages for rich folks in order to develop special super secret high priced travel packages for richer folks.

I know I sound bitter but I'm only bitter because I want to take it one step further. I want to specialize in New York City only but not really in rich people. April and May are prime months for school and group trips to NYC. My friends hold that these groups should be required by local government to hire an experienced, qualified guide before they're allowed to book their travel to the city. It should be like traveling to Africa where you aren't allowed to enter without a local leader.

I'd love to start up a business where you hired my people not necessarily to physically guide you but to build your itinerary. We'd e-mail about your interests and set up a plan for you. Someone would meet you when you arrive and orient you then send you on your way. You'd be able to call a hotline for help if for any reason during your stay something goes wrong of if you want to try something we haven't set up for you.

We would, of course, be able to send you on all the classic tours (Circle Line, to the big museums, to theatre and music, on the Sex & the City walking tour etc.) but we'd specialize in doing the things that locals love. Good food, good waiters, cool architecture, best shopping and secret bars. We'd teach you timing and etiquette and public transportation and your trip would be made immeasurably better because we love New York.

Definitely want a better name than Trufflepigs, though.


  1. Oooh! I would actually pay for that service. (Had I any $$.) One of my good friends is on not to date, but to meet cool people in the various cities where he travels, so that he always gets an "insider view" and someone to go to drinks with at a good locals place. I love that idea.

  2. This is why I love coming to your city - I get those tours when I hang out with you!

  3. Your idea is a cool one. I will contact you if ever I get to NYC. The last time I visited, I was with my Dad, who grew up in the Bronx. It was great going places with someone in the "know."

  4. Anonymous1:50 AM

    When my sister was in town on a band trip, I tried to meet her. Our cell phone triangulation conversation went something like this:

    "The tour guide says we're in Times Square..."

    "Okay, but where? Cross streets?"

    "Well, we just walked past St. Patrick's Cathedral."

    These poor children need your help!

  5. Anonymous8:08 AM

    I'd need help if I went to NYC.

    Lately, my trips to Gotham have involved crossing the GW and the Cross Bronx going to Cape Cod. Been lucky with traffic so far.

  6. Welcome Princess! We'd want the service to be affordable for all of us. I love that idea, how brilliant!

    Chili, you're the beta testers. We'll be asking for your testimonials for the web site and press packet. :)

    Seester, I don't know the Bronx very well. Perhaps we'll ask your dad to consult. Please do call me when you're coming!

    Becky that is just WRONG. For all non-NYC people, Times Square and St. Patrick's Cathedral are nowhere NEAR each other.

    Gerry, since you think NYC is the devil's playground and everyone who lives here is an idiot I would respectfully suggest that you never come here. Ever. Please.