Saturday, March 22, 2008

This Neighborhood is Full of Animals

I made Snob proud. I didn't get my nap but I still stayed wide awake. I think judicious stoppage of alcohol consumption was key. The Nu-Sonics played a killer set we saw some sweet local culture and some really not-local culture. The band before them was from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. And I heard the drummer explaining that no, Edmonton was a city in the province of Alberta. Poor little kid. No, seriously, his mother was there chaperoning and the guitar player had to put on his head gear halfway through the set.'s a little something to amuse you while I sleep. See you tomorrow...afternoon.

Sad and lonely teddy bear is languishing along Pony Express' street.
I walk past this building every single day a minimum of once a day and usually two to four times. I have never seen this cat before. It was just sitting there, chilling, not caring what we did as we walked by.
Peeping Tomcat. Just daring someone to open that window and give him a shot at us.

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