Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tracy Is Smart

For St. Patrick's Day Tracy at Who's Your Doggy (corner of Adelphi and Willoughby in Brooklyn, web site coming soon I'm told) hosted "Green Beer & Bones" night. Below, pretty much what the whole night looked like.
Free beer in a place where your dog is welcome and will have a ton of fun, what more could you ask for? Perhaps a safe place to rest your beer. (That's Tim's perfectly flat head serving as side table. Emily loves Tim. That's Bobby in front of Tim and pretty much the clearest picture of him I got of him all night. Partly due to his high energy and partly due to my low technical skill. Emily loves Bobby, too.)
Here's Tracy (Tracey? I don't know) operating the keg. She is a generous and gracious host. The best part of the photo (you might need to click to enlarge), though, is if you look just under her tap arm. That's Tracy's dog, Teddy, with one of the titular green bones hanging out of his mouth. Those bones were the size of his wee poodle head but he managed to cut them down to size. He's resourceful that way.
It was a great way to start the week and one of the many ways Tracy sets herself apart from other local businesses. I think she likes us and she knows exactly how to keep us around. Green beer and bones indeed.


  1. I'm telling you - it's the little things that make or break a privately owned business. Make me feel special and important and I'll regularly bring you my money. Tracey IS smart (but, I'm wondering, does she need a license to hand out beer?!).

  2. You need a license to sell it not to give it away. That's why restaurants that open before their liquor license comes through often let you bring your own or they just give you something for free.

  3. All tails wagging and some tongues too! That is fantastic! The benefits of living in your fair city my dear. We here in the outback just plop a keg down in the middle of a wheat field... careful not to damage the wheat these days... its spun gold! And let the dogs run wild!
    Keg stands all around.

  4. What a clever idea!

  5. I talked to her tonight and she's working on a doggie version of an Easter egg hunt. Looks like it won't work out completely for this year but there'll be a partial version and she'll be able to do it next year.

    Yes, I get to drink from the keg AND pee indoors. I am indeed lucky. :)