Saturday, March 22, 2008

Worms, Turning, All That

Remember what I said about Skank of America the other day?

Yeah, well, today they lived up to all of the previous expectations and completely eradicated any good feeling they'd built up.

I walked the dog and was headed upstairs to just check on the bank account for safety's sake and I got a letter from the Skank. I assumed it was notification of all my discussion about the fraud so I fed the (fucking) cats (whole other story) before I opened it. Let's quote now, shall we:

"Your account was not initially charged $21.24 for an ATM/Check Card transaction on March 18, 2008, at KAGI.COM 447010, PARIS 8. Therefore, your account was debited on March 20, 2008.

We apologize for the delay in posting the transaction."

So, KAGI.COM took a fraudulent transaction on my credit card on March 16. Not their fault, I assume, they didn't know. Neither did I. On March 17 that charge was reversed during my conversation with the fraud department that included the canceling of my debit card. So on the 18th the Skank received that charge again and decided on the 20th to charge me again. Yes, they're putting through a charge proved to be fraudulent on a debit card that has been canceled and replaced. According to my conversation with the claims department today I will have to receive an affidavit from the Skank (3-5 business days), sign it and return it by April 7 (cutting it a little close there if you give it 3-5 business days in transit in either direction, isn't it?) or else they may not be able to reverse the charge at all.

The robotic agent refused to deviate from the script despite the fact that "we appreciate your business" made me snap and deliver a lecture to whoever was listening "for quality control purposes." He just kept repeating it every time I interrupted him until we were in a cycle of "we appreciate you..." "no you don't" "we apprecia..." "no you don't, you DO NOT" "we app..." and I hung up.

So, what bank do you use and why should I transfer my money to it?


  1. I would suggest a small local credit union, unless you use ATMs to get your money all the time (I get my cash at the grocery store to avoid ATM fees).

    Many credit unions have very low requirements for membership (anyone can join mine as long as they have a $25 savings acct), low fees, friendly service and extremely low loan rates (I got my car loan through them and it was great). The y are also members of ATM networks so you can get money anywhere, but you might have to pay fees if you use them.

  2. The SAME thing happened to me with Skank of America. I had a fraudulent charge show up. I contacted them, they took it off. The charge tried to go through again; they contacted ME and stopped it before it happened and canceled the card number. 3 days later, they let the charge through plus a new one that happened AFTER the card close date.

    RUN! RUN! RUN! Run and don't look back.

  3. Mine is small and local.
    If I do bounce a check and it happens... the fees are less.
    They know my name.
    And generally when I think about borrowing although I never have actually gone through with it... they have offered a small loan.
    I don't have the advantages of having branches on every single corner.

  4. WAMU, baby. I've been happy with them. They're good about waving overdraft charges, which bodes well for me. :-D