Tuesday, April 15, 2008

10 Allergic Things

1. I already take meds for my allergies, it's a nose spray. The effects are cumulative or something so you have to take it every day no matter what. I do.

2. I don't take a pill or anything systemic because my apartment is extremely dry and I already have health consequences from that so using a systemic decongestant just ramps up all those other problems. If you don't believe me search the archives for some combination of "blood," "nose" and "late to work."

3. This morning I was spurred out of bed by sinus pain and pressure. Yesterday I was spurred out of bed by the infernal itching of my flaking and peeling shins (See above re: dryness and consequences).

4. Apparently the last 48 hours have brought the tree pollen to a new level that triggers my bad reactions.

5. I've taken action on my/realized that I had allergies for about three years.

6. I'm pretty sure I had allergies for about a decade before that but didn't realize what the symptoms indicated.

7. I had my eyes checked because I thought I had glaucoma. Turns out it was just all that sinus pressure from the allergies.

8. Are there any homeopathic decongestants?

9. Well, besides alcohol?

10. What are you allergic to?


  1. I'm pretty sure there are homeopathic allergy remedies. I'll ask WeedWoman, and O'Mama would be a good source for that information.

    I'm pretty sure I've got some sensitivity to pollen - I get sneezy just about the same time my black car turns greenish-yellow from all the stuff in the air - but it's not a bad allergy; just enough to be annoying. I do, however, have a pretty cool, life-threatening allergy to shellfish, and I seem to be getting more sensitive as I get older; now I can react to french fries cooked in the same fryer as scallops. It's a drag, especially on the seacoast of New England.

  2. There is no cure. Just control.
    I like the Zertec. And I take them in half doses.
    Flonaise, prescription, seems to help as well.
    What are you allergic to?
    I also like to do a mini steam... put a towel over your head and turn the faucet on hot, hot water and put the towel over the faucet and hold just below your chin... just let the snot run. Its better than taking OTC stuff to get it out.
    Humidifiers help with the dry air or just put a pot on the stove with water... don't forget to turn it off when you leave.
    Meds often stop working after a while with me so I have to switch them up.
    A little Neosporin on the end of a Qtip too with help with the dry nasel passages.
    Sorry. I know this all too well.
    Thats all I have in my bag of tricks.

  3. Have you ever tried a netti pot? It's a pain to do but if you do it every night you will clear your nasal pasages & sleep much better.The last time I used it I was so congested & it didn't seem to work. As soon as I lay down to sleep my head cleared instantly & I could actually breathe through my nose the entire night.
    Also homeopathy works but it's best when you get help from a homeopath. The remedies are fairly inexpensive & change according to your symptoms. Or a good DR of oriental medicine. Try to get a referral from someone who likes who they work with. Good luck!

  4. I should write up my struggle with a sudden and severe allergy problem. I ended up having to give away my beloved kitty (I've had cats for 40 years and never had problems), we got rid of the carpets, everything.

    I am allergic to lots of things.

    A room humidifier will help with the dry nasal passages. It really will.

  5. Anonymous9:35 PM

    I'm blessedly free of allergies. Even poison ivy doesn't affect me much.

  6. Anonymous6:02 AM

    You already know what I am allergic to because you read my blog. Thanks for that! With all the stuff, poison ivy doesn't bother me at all. Weird.
    I have an unopened Nasonex. Is that what you use? I can send it to ya.

  7. I'm allergic to trees. I have at least one humidifier running at all times in my apartment. I do have a neti pot and had good results but, with the salt you're supposed to use, it tends to dry me out some more so I had to swear off. I might try it again on a limited basis.I'm using Astelin not Nasonex, so thank you but that's not my deal. I actually heard someone joking about steaming over the freshly run dishwasher and was totally planning to try that last night but circumstances prevented me.

  8. I take Zyrtec every other day, but will need to ramp up now that things are a-bloomin. I absolutely need the humidifier when I sleep in the wintertime, as I get nosebleeds too from dryness. I lived in Florida for 27 years, after all, so my body is used to a lot more. Your humidifier may not be enough. Do you have a humidistat? You should be around 45. Also, you might have indoor allergies...

    I'm allergic to cats, dogs, trees, grasses, flowers, earth/wind/fire.

  9. Very, very late to the party, but I came over to see who is in love with me from my comment about dogs on Suburban Turmoil ;-)

    A lot of my allergies cleared up when I started taking digestive enzymes. Theory is that because I eat poorly, my body doesn't have enough energy left to deal with common allergens like pollen, cats, dogs, etc. after it uses a bunch of energy to digest the food. Prior to that I had a naturopath who gave me a blend of about 4 herbal tinctures that helped with allergy symptoms. I'm not sure if I still have it or the ingredients after starting the digestive enzymes.