Thursday, April 03, 2008

And They Told 2 Friends and They Told...

Some time back (so far back in fact that I have no idea where the specific entry is) Tense Teacher became a link in a chain of paying things forward. The deal is that you write a little entry like I'm doing here, you decide on a way to choose three commenters, you ask people to comment if they're willing to pay it forward then you do something nice for the three people who "win."

I never win anything but I totally won when I commented over at Tense's joint! So, if you're willing to pay it forward please make a comment here. If you have a blog please do your forward paying in the approved way like this and if you don't perhaps you can write a guest post about how you did it. I'll reveal the winners on...hmmm....let's say Monday evening, so comment before 5pm on Monday, mmK, and perhaps I'll be doing something nice for you.

Did I make any sense at all? I may have just confused myself.


  1. THANK YOU for reminding me! I won at Tense's site, too - she, being an excellent teacher, sent me a fab teacher-gift; pens and post-its! - and I put a pay it forward entry on my blog, too. NO ONE wanted my presents - they were all like "you don't have to send me anything" - so I'm going to choose some random readers and send them stuff anyway, dammit!

    (Actually, I can knock off a pay-it-forward during my travels this weekend, now that I think of it...)

  2. Um...I only have three readers...and one of them is you. So if you pay it forward to me then I have to pay it forward back to you and you have to pay it forward again. And I'll probably comment on that new pay it forward post, because I love a contest...Then it becomes pay it cyclically.

  3. Chrome, I'd be OK if you paid it forward to someone off blog by running some sort of off-blog contest in your head or something.